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George is sitting on a Fineline convertible '04 Softail Deluxe model. Obviously it's been given the lowrider treatment, but it's also been given the bagger treatment with a Dragonfly detachable fairing and Harley-Davidson hard bag setup with a Fineline Cycles modified mounting kit. Rounding out the look are the Freedom Fishtail exhaust pipes sticking way out behind the bags.

Softail Bagger

When conjuring up images of all of the different styles of bikes from around the globe, what comes to mind when you hear the phrase, "low-rider"? We picture a Heritage Softail or Softail Deluxe sitting low to the ground with Fishtail exhaust pipes hanging out in back, an air-ride system, tons of bolt-on chromeage, and a tall, skinny front 100-spoke wheel with old-school whitewall rubber to match. However, living close to the Los Angeles area has given the HOT BIKE staff a little more exposure to this style of bike. We love it. It's classy and sophisticated, yet simple. We wanted to show you some of the fine lowrider creations that have been

This '06 Street Glide has been fitted with a modified front fender kit, bringing it real close to the front whitewall tire. It also incorporates the Fineline Baggair system in the rear, but also in the front. Robert got the idea to use dollar signs throughout the bags, gas tank, and fairing because the bike's owner was always flashing money around like a high roller.

Lowrider Style Street Glide

44 HOT BIKE Volume 41, No. 8 2009 &

Fineline Cycles

produced by the masters of this genre, Fineline Cycles of Baldwin Park, California. We went over to Fineline's shop to get more of an in-depth look at what the SoCal lowrider is all about.

Fineline Cycles opened its doors in 2002 and was a business that brothers Robert and Louie Cordero started from the ground up. The brothers grew up in the East Los Angeles area and Robert got his start as a painter. Louie was more the mechanical type. The house that the two grew up in was no oridinary house; it featured a full-on paint booth in the backyard, which is where Robert spent all of his time after school. Robert described how he learned to paint as "pretty much trial and error." He would paint things and if he didn't like them, he'd start over. If something worked, great, if it didn't it was redone until it did work. The result of his tenacious practice gave him the confidence to paint his own mini-truck when he was 16 years old. He did such a good job that one of our brother-from-another-mother publications, LOWRIDER, featured his truck in the magazine. Robert's biggest fan is his brother, Louie, who describes his brother as a a very modest man. "I brag about his paint to other people all the time. He never talks about his paint, I'm the one that brags about it," Louie reflects.

Robert continued on with the paint and body industry, painting lowriders and mini-trucks that were also featured in magazines, until one day he decided he wanted to focus his attention on painting motorcycles. Luckily, his brother was wrenching on bikes for people out of his garage and Robert asked Louie if he wanted to go into business with him. Louie thought Robert was nuts to leave the thriving paint/body business, but he partnered with his bro anyway.

Both Robert and Louie had always had a passion for working on bikes and it just seemed like the natural step to take. Robert and Louie started customizing Harleys for friends and family, and before they knew it they had a strong clientele list, from off-duty police officers to blue-and white-collar business owners, to basically anyone who likes to ride. Both Robert and Louie decided to try to keep all the work in house and that was when HOT BIKE | 45 &

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