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Pat Patterson, of Led Sled Customs based in Dayton, Ohio, opened the shop's doors in 2003. Pat and his Led Sled crew are widely known for building bikes based around Sportster powerplants. In fact one quick look at the collection of bikes on the Led Sled website and you'll notice that the majority of the shop's builds have Sportster engines. Where the majority of people might walk right past a Sporty in favor of a Big Twin, Pat and his guys know the Sportster is a solid drivetrain capable of sufficing the power needs of any true chopper enthusiasts and therefore seem to snatch up every XL they can get their hands on. Then again, sometimes Sportster projects just fall into their laps such as this bike here.

Gene Sizelove, the owner of this 2002 Sporty always had a need for speed. Shortly after getting out of the Service in '68 he was in an accident and lost his right leg. Gene was given a prosthetic leg, but didn't let it slow him down. A machine tool builder by trade Gene knew the Led Sled crew could take the bike to a new level of true chopper heritage creating the machine he was after. "I talked to several builders in the area and they all told me Pat specialized in Sportster-based customs and

Led Sled Sportster


The Led Sled crew crafted this front fender to tightly warp around the Midwest "V" Spoke front wheel.

A mix of style and function, the Led Sled Hub Cap oil tank fits perfectly with the rest of the components on this Sporty.

Led Sled Sportster

had a great reputation in the industry for not only his custom builds but also his line of Sportster parts," Gene said. While having a prosthetic leg didn't stop Gene from his desire to have his dream chopper, it was something that Pat had to take into account when considering building Gene's Size 2 Sportster—we'll get into the name behind the bike later. Due to the limited movement of Gene's prosthetic leg and foot, Pat would have to extend the right footpeg mount out a little further. And rather than running the rear brake off the right foot control, Pat decided to run both the front and rear brakes off of the front hand brake lever.

Gene wanted the defiant attitude of a chopper with a big back tire. So Pat started by building a custom rigid frame from the ground up with a rear section wide enough to fit a 240-rear tire. Once all the cutting and welding was finished,

Pat had created a single downtube gooseneck-style frame with 6 inches of stretch in the downtube, 4 inches extra in the backbone, and 40 degrees of rake creating the chop exactly the way Gene had always envisioned. For the only suspension on the bike, Pat used a 2-inch over V-Twin frontend and placed a billet five-spoke 21-inch wheel between the fork legs while an 18x8.5-inch wheel went out back. Skinning HOT BIKE | 79 &

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