Toriano asked to have another camera hidden up front and an LCD flush mounted into the center of the outer fairing. "There was a lot of open space on the outer fairing, and I just wanted to break it up with something different and unique," Toriano told us.

Like most Harley enthusiasts, his bike was the prime topic of conversation with all his friends and family, so much so that even his 4-year-old daughter got hip to the concept of customizing a motorcycle and commented, "Don't play with it daddy, go down to the frame with it." So naturally, Toriano's next request was to pull the drivetrain out, strip the bike down to the frame and completely mold and paint the chassis. Since the engine was already out, and he had already bumped up the front wheel size, increased the number of TV screens he had, and stretched every piece of body work on the bike, why not bump up the stock TC to a bigger displacement as well-not just mildly but drastically to 124 ci, completely polished and diamond cut.

90 Volume 41, No. B 2009



RAKE Stock



LENGTH 1 inch over



Here's looking at you. A hidden camera projects admirer's dropped jaws on this Tv screen mounted on the FRONT of the fairing.

Needless to say the snowball was in full decent by this time and the Tekni-Kolor team had their hands full with fabrication, extensive smoothing and molding, wiring, paint, and reassembly. What started as a simple custom paint-job turned into a two-year complete transformation from mild modification to wild makeover. Toriano said that as soon as the bike was finished he took it over to the San Francisco Rod and Custom Motorcycle Show and won Second place in the Full Touring class. He also said that he had one more major show he was going to display the bike in, the Arlen Ness bike Show in San Mateo, California, then it was going to be time to hit the streets and put all that planning, part purchasing, and waiting to good use and ride the hell out of the bike. HB

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