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7. .then he attached the air filter assembly to the backing plate. Ed simply tightened down the three bolts and attached the stock air cleaner cover and the entire install was finished. After that, Ed put the bike on the dyno to see the results.

8. Here's a look at the finished Boss 2-into-1 with its accompanying Ghost Pipe sticking out on the other side.


9. The stock numbers show 67.43 hp and 78.36 lb-ft of torque. Look at the difference after the Boss system and Zipper's air cleaner were installed. The numbers shot up to 76.58 with 88.57 lb-ft of torque. That's an increase of 9.15 hp and 10.21 lb-ft torque. Not only did the power increase but the system produces a great rumbly tone. To hear what the pipes sound like, log on to www. visit us online - ujuj Or call today! 8OO-759-554O


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One box!

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