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a long time friend, Tony Chin, came along and helped take Fineline up a notch to the company that it is today. The bros also employ some of their own family to help keep them out of trouble and off the streets. "Fineline is a family thing for me. Throughout the years my nephews have helped after school so I knew they would not be on the streets picking up bad habits and they would learn something," said Robert.

As for the style of bikes that come out of the Fineline garages, it's safe to say that Robert's lowrider influence stuck with him. In fact, Robert told us a funny story about how when he and some guys from Los Angeles were in Sturgis one year, that because of the style of bikes they were riding, everyone would come up to them and say, "Hey, you guys are from L.A. aren't you?" Robert and the guys would look at each other and just smile.

Fineline also produces its own air ride system called the Baggair kit that will fit '99-later Touring models. The crew has been involved in everything from special construction builds to complete bagger makeovers. "I like to believe we are always one step ahead, or try to be," Robert said. Check out the Fineline Cycles website and give them a call for your next project because as Robert says, "We'll treat you like family." HB


Fineline Cycles | (626) 337-9676

Spoke Ride Wright

Here's the epitome of a Fineline Cycles Harley-Davidson. It's a '07 Road King that has been kicked up about 10 notches. You'll find plenty of these Ride Wright Fat Daddy 50-Spoke wheels on a lot of the Fineline bikes, and all of the Fishtails they use are from Freedom Performance. The Fineline Cycles Baggair System was installed on this King in the rear, and Robert gave it a custom candy apple red paint job to shine with all the chrome accents that were added throughout the bike.

Candy Apple Paint JobsLowrider Softail Deluxe

On a personal note: this is my favorite bike in the Fineline lineup [If you guys want to give this bike to anyone, I know a guy...]. This '08 Softail Deluxe has been covered in a candy cobalt blue finish and fitted with a Ride Wright 21x3.5-inch twisted 80-spoke front wheel.

Here's Robert in the paint booth doing what he does best...

Here's a shot of the Fineline Cycles Baggair kit that fits '99-later Touring models.

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