Bottom Line

Faster front shifting and a tighter chainline deliver more efficient transmission under power.

But now that we've fogged up the display case, let's walk these sexy new parts up to the cash register.

It takes nine hours to machine the main X-Glide cassette body alone, which contributes to the cassette's $328 price tag, and if that raises an eyebrow, consider the crank ($430-$470), ceramic boltom bracket ($195), shifters ($276). front derailleur ($106-$119). rear derailleur ($265^ and 10-speed chain ($76-$84) needed to complete the system.

Even in this economy, for some, price is no obstacle to performance. Expect to see hordes of hard-charging XC racers powering their way to podiums all over the world on XX transmissions in 2010. More £l i>

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