Micro Power From Boyer Bransden

Whether you're looking for the ultimate performance, for your classic racer, or simply want to keep your classic road bike reliable and sparking strongly, at Boyer Bransden we have the answer. With over thirty years unbroken manufacturing In the field of electronic ignitions and componentry, we have the perfect solution for your machine.

The latest addition to our range of outstanding systems is the Micro Power, incorporating programmed advance and retard and running high power, miniature, resin encapsulated coils. One ignition unit can run several coils if required; for multi-cylinder engines with twin spark ■» n |—

heads. We have the latest DENSO Spark Plugs available for road BOyer Bransden igniTIOnS

and race applications too ClecUiPfi^Uf, Pe^utta^tce.

FOR INFORMATION AND SALES Boyer-Bronsden Electronics Ltd Frindsbury House Cox Street TCI CDLJ^\KIC Al ¿OO TOAftOO Delling Maidstone Kent ME14 3HE.

ICLCrnVJiMC UIOxZ /OUVOV Fax: 01622 730930 Web: www.BoyerBransden.com



The Front Fork

Part One

Many times since its inception, a design has come forth that purports to be better than the telescopic fork for all manner of reasons, yet the venerable tele'still holds firm. This month the wondering is why? -i f

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