The Chassis

1956 Wideline Featherbed, with Roadholder forks and Commando tls front drum. The frame and swinging arm were powder coated by Banbury Blast Cleaning and the forks refurbished with parts from Norvil Motorcycles and then polished. Hagon shocks take car of the swinging arm.

The 19in Borrani flanged alloy rims were stripped and polished, along with the hubs and Central Wheel Components rebuilt them using stainless spokes and fitted Avon Super Venom tyres.

The front drum was slightly oval so was skimmed by Rob Walker Performance Engineering, in nearby Witney. Rob specialises in Subaru rally car and F1 component engineering.

The minimalist alloy top yoke was with the bike but the original magnetic instruments were changed for period chronometrics, restored by A Pople. There is a discreet oil pressure gauge nestling between the clocks too. The adjustable dip-ons are via Disco Volante and the front brake lever has a micro switch which activates the brake light, as well as the normal foot pedal. The headlamp is neat, and certainly different. Andy dislikes brackets, so took a Westfield car headlamp, with its base stem fitting and had a mounting lug welded to the bottom yoke. Job done.

The original fuel tank, while similar to the one fitted, had a noticeably different shape. Andy spotted the one now fitted on an internet site and made contact with the owner, who was looking for exactly what Andy had, so a swap was made. Polished up, with its Monza filler cap, it looks ideal.

Unity Equipe supplied the matching alloy central oil tank and the Monza cap is accessible, Manx style through a rather large recess in the front of the Dresda single racing seat. The battery now sits behind the gearbox.

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