Occasionally there's an item that perhaps you've never really thought too much about while toiling in your workshop -until you get one and then you wonder how you ever managed without it. This terrific little Clarke Headlight, from Machine Mart, is one such item. I bought one a couple of years ago and it's one of the best investments I've ever made and use-wise has probably paid for itself many times over. I've found it quite invaluable when working on the bikes, poking around Inside the toolbox, Inside among the points, inside the headlamp shell etc, it shines exactly where you want the light, is incredibly bright and being on an elastic strap around your forehead, it leaves both hands free to do whatever needs doing! It's also jolly useful to keep in your jacket pocket when you've a journey to make at night either on the bike or on foot! The lens is about an inch (25mm) diameter but contains no less than 19 LEDs and has tour different settings, one central pinspot LED, seven central LEDs, all 19 LEDs and a 19 LED flash mode. The lamp tilts to suit and is powered by three standard AA batteries. Retail price is £7.04 from any of the 56 nationwide Machine Mart Superstores, but we've got one here, courtesy cf Machine Mart of course, that someone can have for free if they answer this simple question correctly and are lucky enough to be pulled from the hat.



Send your effort to CBG Machine Mart Competition, at the usual address.

The competition deadline for all these is Thursday 27 January.

For full terms and conditions and to enter online, please visit

Winners will be announced in the next issue. The prizes will be drawn the day after the competition closing date and will be posted oul either directly from Mortons or from the suppliers. Send your answers along with the competition name to; CBG, The Media Centre, Boston Road, Horncasile, Lines LN9 6JR.

If you don't want us to contact you with great offers in the future, simply mark your entry with a large X.

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