Leather k Warn of pjkt

Sizes 96-54 i Also «Al Frmpes m I Elite Patrol 'Leather Jkt From £189 j

Elite Patrol ^Classic Leather Jkt From £189 k - £6 fiOpAp

^ Retro

J Leather " Summer Jtct From £159 £6 SOpSp

Sizes: J

Available in V Antique Brown 4

Rebel Boot

Ahoavatable with Eagle design

All boots have supple heavy duty leather Viking uppers

L Warrior K Ankle Boot k£89


HV^ available with Fringes

Viking Warrior Boot

<NEWi Elite Cl Leather I Jeans 1 witn Kevlar I From I

Optional J Viscotecfl armour I £19 50 I

Rida Demmi Kevlar J Jeans M

Optional fl Viscotec fl armour H £19 50 ■

Pony Express Leather Panniers

Heavy duty ccwtinJe £109 00 • £6 50p&p Appro* capacity 25 litres

Leather I Wamor 1 Jeans I From I

■ FLeattierl I Jeans 1 I From 1

I £6 S«p&p' ' Mens sizes: 28-46 One piece front tegs

Mexican Leather Panniers

Heavy duly cowNde j

Appro* capacity 2* iiws i sues WjM ?IMI Ladies^^H


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