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easily applied without any discomfort because it forms a good film. Once the cosmetic industry is interested, the price escalates - don't even try to compare the price of engine oil with face cream - R is never going to be low priced.

Modern semi-synthetics can generally match castor performance, but some synthetic products are naturally derived then chemically modified. Mike Bowen suggests "Exploiting what nature does and tuning it to your own advantage, but you've got to study its behaviour in an engine. Test bed simulated conditions are not the same as a rider making it work hard."

So R will stay in demand for competition engines, but most of us will use semi and fully synthetic mineral oils. The spending power of the cosmetic wins -Chanel R, anyone?


Headlining among the motorcycles consigned to Bonhams first sale at the Paris Grand Palais, is a rare, radial-engined Megola. Powered by a 640cc five-cylinder engine built into the front wheel, the Megola is often described as "probably the most unorthodox motorcycle ever made on a commercial basis". Only

2,000 or so were produced, in Germany, between 1921 and 1925, and today the few survivors are highly prized by collectors. This example was beautifully restored circa 1990 and has featured in top magazines and at the Salon Moto Légende. It is estimated to sell for €145,000-200,000.

A new Bloor at Triumph

Nick Bloor, youngest son of Triumph boss John Bloor, has been appointed to succeed Tue Mantoni as company CEO. Taking up the mantle in January, he has been with the company since 1998 on his graduation from Loughborough University as a design engineer. He has had previous experience in the design department, manufacturing, production control as well as sales and marketing, where he spent five years promoting the brand and dealer development strategy in overseas markets. More recently he's been in charge of the purchasing department.

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