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I enjoyed Steven Myatt's Mods and Rockers tale. Stu Wester is a dedicated Rocker and he tells it the way it was.

I have written to CBG and The Classic MotorCycle in the past regarding the Rocker days. Stu would be interested to hear how the Mods reckoned they were going to take over the Busy Bee café. We had the word about their plan and were ready.

It was a summer evening and bikes were coming and going around the 'Bee, Dunstall meggas, twittering Goldies, sounds none of us will ever forget.

A gang of Mods on scooters met across the road from the café and one of them rode onto the forecourt, he

Bee must have thought his pals were behind him, either that or he'd been popping the brave pills. When he realised he was on his own he looked a little worried to say the least.

There was a gang of us and we were up for a rumble, so we surrounded the speechless Mod, who tried to start his scooter -but it just wouldn't fire up. My mate 'Flip' had a look at it for him and we all gave him a bump start. He rode back to his mates who promptly did an about turn and disappeared.

Another time, a few of us left the Busy Bee and headed for the Cellar cafe, at Windsor. We stopped near Slough to wait for another Rocker to join us on his Dommie 99. While we waited, Flip noticed a telephone box with a lot of girls' numbers, so he duly called a few up. The next thing we knew there was a gang of giggling Mod girls - and did their faces drop when they saw us, they couldn't go out with us because we were the enemy!

One last thing - how many readers remember the 60s TV show Gideon's Way? There was a Rocker in it called 'Yob' who rode a DBD34 Gold Star. Thanks for a great magazine.

'Rocker' Geoff Smith Chesham Bucks

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