It's understandable how, for example, AJS and Matchless might have been popular in London, Triumph In Coventry, Douglas in Bristol etc, but sometimes there's no real reason why a certain marque would be more popular than others in a neutral area of the country, especially when dealer agencies abounded in most towns and cities.

According to Newark bom and bred Chris Parrett, Velocettes were in abundance in the early 60s. He says, "JC Duncan, our local dealer, as far as I can recall, didn't have any particular agency, but could get you any bike you wanted. His trademark was 'The Rider Agent'. He had a Norton 99 and a Venom in his shop, both brand new and both gorgeous. I had a Royal Enfield Crusader Super Five, which was a great little bike until I fell off it. It was repaired but somehow was never the same again."

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