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I'hone: 01223 276128 Website:

ROYAL ENFIELD M 0 T 0 R C Y C L E S have been in continuous production (or the 100 yudts, indkiny tlieni the longest running motorcydc brand in the world. The future of this unique brand has been secured with the development and production of an all new unit construction engine, complete with electronic fuel injection. The flagship model in the range is the new 500 Bullet Classic - this machine has all the styling cues you would expect from a genuine classic Royal Enfield, which include: 1950's style tidLulle & toolboxes, tidditioridl pdint scheme di\d highly polished engine components.

With this next generation of Royal Enfields you can experience pure motorcycling as it is intended, with the added reassurance of a reliable, but authentic, 500cc single. With a 2 year warranty and over 50 dealers nationwide, why not book a test ride today?

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