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012 _Products what's new for you and your workshop.

018_ The Big Question explaining some of the mysteries of the classic world.

022_0w the road out and about in the winter.

024_Retrospective revisiting a happening from yesteryear.

030_Letters your views and opinions aired

032_The Good Guys

C Wylde and Sons Ltd profiled.

034_Buyer's Guide

Triumph T140 Bonneville lore.

088_Legendary Motorcycles the Mclntyre Matchless. •

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10 G_Project

American Honda gets the bobber treatment.

1 \2_In Your Shed you show us yours.

11 QSp otter's Guide

Suzuki Hill Billy rare bird.

130_Louise Limb the classic glamour page.

Classic Bike Guide | February 2011

042_Golden Era

350cc, 500cc Gold Stars and Rocket compared.

051 _Clock works speedometer workings laid bare.

060_Factory fresh >

Velocette Venom, one owner from new.

070_Ten most importantpeoj of the rocker years

076_Most haunted a new bike with a real vintage spirit.

082_Life in the deep end part three of Mike Jackson's trade tales.

096_A Guzzifor all reasons

Mk 11 Le Mans style setter.

CB92 Honda Benly rocks the boat.

Clarkys Corner

Well, here it is, your new look CBG. It's been a long time in preparation, the analogy could be made that it's like your favourite casserole, simmering in the slow cooker for ages as myriad ingredients steadily blend to become a mouthwatering treat of all that is good in proper grub! The meat and the vegetables forming the traditional basis, but there's good stock in there too plus a hint of continental herbs and oriental spices. It sure is a veritable mix, as you'll see, so we hope it's to your taste. What's more, you might notice there's a load more pages and they're bigger in size, so you're getting even better value for your money now as well. We've even thrown in an 'introductory' Goldie poster to put up on your workshop wall.

Speaking of posters, our idea originally was to give you a pull out centre spread shot that you could frame up, or just stick to the back of your door - but with going perfect bound, it rendered that option impossible, so we've given you two A4 shots from our archive, with a suitable border so you can cut them out if need be, without ripping or damaging the rest of your magazine. Bear in mind also, if you'd like a larger copy of any of our images, all you have to do is go to and our archive girls will sort you out with whatever size you wish.

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