Overall Dimensions

Length: Width: Height: Wheelbase: Ground clearance: Dry weight:

72.3in (1.837mm) 29.1 in (740mm) 38.9in (990mm) 45.7in (1,160mm) 5.5in (140mm) 1.761b (80kg)

Gasoline tank capacity: 1.6 US gal

(1.3 Imp gal or 6 litres) Oil tank capacity: 1.4 US qt

(1.1 Imp qt or 1.3 litres) Suspension, front: Telescopic fork rear: Swinging arm

Tyres, front and rear: 2.75-17in, 4

pr, knobby tread

cafe ceefer

Having read about the Australian cafe racer in CBG, Fred Austin sent in this photo of his second ever restoration, from around 1996. He says, " I just kept adding bits and making it up as i went along. I've still got it and use it often and where ever I park it, it always attracts a lot of attention."

Jv elo scrambler

One of Pete Livesey's pals took this 1961 MSS Scrambler to Ireland some 12 years ago but did little with it. Eventually he offered it to Rotherham based Pete who bought it in March 2010. Engine had been rebuilt by Velocette specialists Seymours but according to Pete they had not preloaded the crank and it made a bid for freedom, smashing a crankcase half in the process. Three weeks later it was rebuilt and back on the road. Pete uses it regularly and covers Impressive mileage in all weathers, as per this Boxing Day VMCC meet shoot shows.

crusader sports

John Deaville bought his 1961 Crusader Sports 'In a bad way' as a non-runner from a garage local to his Stoke-on-Trent base. It had been taken in as part exchange against a car. It was however mostly complete and John had it running sweetly within an hour of getting it home. It was then stripped back to the bare frame, which was then painted. The bike was rebuilt with new exhausts, rims and seat, John doing all the work, including paint. It's now for sale as at 6ft 4in and over 15 stone John reckons he's a bit much for it but as he says, "At least I saved It from the scrapheap!" It shares his garage with a 1995 Triumph Thunderbird and a 1971 Commando 750.

model 18 debut

Scunthorpe based Tony Pearson's 1947 Model 18 Norton made its post restoration debut on the icy roads of Boxing Day for the Mid Lines VMCC meet. Tony's a self employed joiner and he bought the 18 from the father of an employee, who lived in Leeds, and had kept it in boxes - along with a sidecar - for the past 30 years. While the engine was in reasonable condition, the rest of the bike was very rough. The fuel tank was badly dented so had to have the base cut out, the dents rolled out the base welded back into place and then polished, plated and painted. "Very, very expensive," said Tony.

cafe beemer

"Attached is a shot of my bike, a 1976 R100/7 BMW. I owned a few Beemers in the 80s and decided to revisit my youth with a project for my 50th birthday." Thus speaks Garry Ryan, from Whyalla, South Australia. He tells us that it was purchased from a mate, as an incomplete basket case, in a series of boxes and during the restoration, almost everything has either been renewed, refurbished or modified. The project took longer than expected but was up and ready to go in time for Garry's 51st birthday. He says, "It sounds great on the peashooters and goes really well." He's got the bug now and in the shed there is his late father's 1984 Paris Dakar BMW and the next project, a 1958 Velocette Venom.

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