If your old alternator and rectifier set up is struggling to cope with decent lights and electronic ignition, or you're building a project bike and want an up to date charging system then Paul Goff's latest special offer will be of interest. It's a 200W stator and combined Regulator/Rectifier, which retails at £89.95 plus £6.50 p8tp. The 12v A Reg One provides reliable voltage control and the 200W stator gives as much power as anybody needs. The rotor is available separately for £59.95 If necessary. This combination can also be used to upgrade a 6V system.

See or call 01494 868218. Paul Goff is at 62 Clare Rd, Prestwood, Bucks HP16 ONU. Email [email protected]


boots for that extra bit of support on the gear pedal. The zip has a Velcro storm cover, the sole is hot welded rubber and there's double stitching in the regular stress areas. Add to that impact absorbing ankle, shin and Achilles heel protection and a retail price of £69.99 isn't so out of the way. Sizes available from UK 7 to 12.

Full details can be viewed at together with the full current range and a dealer locator. Alternately ring 01527 574422 for a free brochure.

New from Bromsgrove based Midwest Marketing come these Diora Delta boots. The external finish is a top quality leather with a brushed, matt finish, inside there is a Hipora waterproof but breathable membrane. There's a durable and flexible reinforced patch on the instep of both


If you've got a milling machine, a pillar drill or a lathe then you can't go wrong with this terrific 20 piece Clarke mill/slot drill tool set, from Machine Mart. Included in the 9in x 4.5in x 3in wooden box are 10 two flute slot drills and 10 four flute end mills, of sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 20mm. They're titanium coated high speed steel straight shank bits and retail at £66.96.

See - and don't forget, if there's not enough stuff in the catalogue already, there are over 4000 more items on the website.


Machine Mart have a superb range of drill presses - pillar drills to you and me - in their catalogue, starting with the hobbyist range at £65 and heading on up to the professional, heavy duty engineering tackle at £470, with 10 or so different models in between. Of course, if you've ever used a drill press, you'll know that in conjunction with a sharp bit, drilling through the toughest metals can be done more precisely and so much easier than faffing around with hand drill and a bench vice. However, even with a drill press you'll need a means of securing the work to the press bed. Clarke naturally do a suitable range of vices to suit their drill press range, such as the one shown here, which is the six inch model - ie the jaws open to a maximum of 150mm, which retails at £17.61. Also available are 125mm (5in - £14.09), 97mm (4in -

£10.56) and 78mm (3in - £8.21). There is also a 90mm, multi position, quick release version at £15.26. As can be seen, the jaws are lightly serrated to maximise grip. See more at


BSA specialists Lightning Spares have recently made some carburettor drip trays, part number 670120, for BSA A7 and A10 models, with automatic timing advance. They are made in England, from heat resisting 340 stainless steel and retail at £15 including VAT. Following soon are the type for models with manual auto advance systems.

Also available are fork top nuts, 97-2245 97-4008 and 97-4258 for later BSA and Triumph models. These retail at £16.50 per pair including VAT. All are featured on the website .htm

rOld favourites , revisited drem el

If you have a look around your workshop you'll probably find any number of tools or products that you've taken for granted for years, the sort of things that are just 'always there.' Often they are simple tools which may only be used for a few minutes, under certain circumstances, every now and again, yet their presence and use can save such a lot of effort. Take the Dremel for instance. A small rotary tool which, courtesy of a whole host of fittings and attachments, is one of the most useful and versatile things you'll ever have on your shelf.

It can be a grinder, a cutter, a polisher, a sander, a drill, you name it, and it saves no end of time. There are several models within the range, starting with the new, two speed 200 series, but further up the range, with the 300, the 125 watt motor has a variable speed - 10,000 to 33,000rpm - so gentle, precise work can be undertaken at a slow speed as well as rapid grinding etc at higher speeds. New to the range is the 400 series, which among other things has a 175 watt motor with a variable speed from 5000 to 35,000rpm. Lithium battery powered versions are also available.

Attachments are many and varied. There are several sizes and shape of grindstone, ideal for the restorer to shape, de-burr and smooth off metal work and the sanding wheel is one that sees much use in the editor's workshop. The attachment is a rubber wheel with a central screw. The sanding hoop slips over the wheel and the screw tightened which in turn expands the wheel and grips the hoop. Perfect for cleaning out blind holes in a frame or similar part, to allow a bolt to pass through post painting or powder coating etc. High speed, very sharp, mini cutting discs are also useful when a strip or small section of metal is required from a sheet.

The Dremel is now available in a kit, which includes for example a flexible shaft. One end fits to the Dremel tool itself, which hangs from a special frame, the other end allows access into

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