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Best single piece of advice? Look through the bend!

3 Roads are unpredictable, so don't push to your limits. You always need a margin for error, even if you are John McGuinness doing a 130mph lap at the TT. Rushing up to everything, trying to be the last of the late brakers, isn't the answer. A smooth rider is a fast rider, and a calm one at that.

■ Ride smoother by piecing together I stretches of road. A sequence of bends should blend into one. This is where road knowledge makes the difference Adopt the 'slow-in, fast-out' approach, and use the vanishing point to guide your responses (i.e. braking, accelerating and road positioning].

4 Use your senses and your whole field of vision to judge space and speed. Don't ride so fast you're rushing along in a blind panic. You should be noticing lots of information about the road ahead, the scenery, road signs, road markings - the dead badger as well as the vanishing point ahead.

2 A familiar road is the best place to practise getting quicker and increasing confidence with your bike. But don't attempt to ride faster without being completely comfortable on your bike and certain about what is around the next bend.

Best single piece of advice? Look through the bend!

If you're following someone, don't get too close, and don't focus on them, their back wheel or anything else. You should be looking through' your mate ahead, almost as though you're following a ghost' rider. Let this ghostly figure guide you, but don't let him affect your judgement.

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