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IS IT TIME TO SAY GOODBYE TO CARBURETORS FOREVER? IF THE excellent performance of the fuel-injection system on Kawasaki's new KX250F is any indication, the answer is yes. But even though the bike's Keihin EFI may steal the headlines, its new Showa Separate Function Fork (that has its springing and damping in separate chambers) comes in a close second.

Our first chance to try the new green machine was near the Potomac River at Budds Creek Motocross Park in Mechanicsville, Maryland, where it took less than a single lap to begin to feel the benefits of the KX's Digital Fuel Injection. The batteryless system was designed to fire the engine within three kickstart-generated rotations of the crankshaft, and we found that to be the case most of the time—but did encounter the occasional 10-kick startup a couple of times throughout the very hot day.

Although the engine has plenty of oomph, the 43mm throttle body meters that power to the rear wheel in a very precise and predictable manner, providing an excellent interpretation of what the rider has requested with the twistgrip. The engine always offers crisp response and smooth, linear acceleration from low rpm all the way to the rev-limiter. That wide spread of torque allows the rider to roost out of deep, loamy corners without the need to shift m, Pt M

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