Taylormade (Wheels are on 01597860692 or at www. but where it differs from Mike's is in its frame design - Si's bike has a series of'oles cut in its top tube that arc mirrored by the ones in the rear mudguard. It also 120 spoke wheels, rather than billet 'uns, separate fuel tanks either side of the spine and... umm ... it's green. Sorry, getting spec sheets out of Si is almost like pulling teeth but, sadly, without the lady in the short skirt who keeps bending over and flashing her stocking tops and her... sorry, I must stop watching those Internet videos.

That just leaves the little black Shovel, doesn't it? Well, I say 'little', but it really isn't - it's just that it looks it compared with the orange and green behemoths you see hereabouts. It's a very cool piece of kit that, I think, harks back to the days when Simon built what is, for me anyway, one of my favourite bikes of all time - Rent Boy, which some of you may remember if you're as old as me (I was going to say 'as anal as me', but in the context that's probably not such a great idea, is it?). It belongs to a guy named Alan and is probably one of the most 'normal'-looking bikes to have come out of Attitude's workshops for a while. That doesn't mean, though, that it isn't a cracking bike because, as any fule can plainly see, it's gorgeously minimal.

The motor is a 1340 Shovelhead and it's housed in its original frame that's been raked slightly and fitted with a Fat Boy front end (with shortened forks), while at the other end there's a wide Attitude swingarm with lowered shocks and a Fat Boy wheel that's been widened by the Welsh valleys wheel wizard, Mr Taylor, to take a 240 tyre. The tank's a Sportster one, the seat apparently came from a tractor and the rear mudguard is an Attitude one-off. The 'pipes are big-bore ones by Si too, and the "bars are from a Knucklehead and look just right, don't they? Alan himself did the paint with its hot rod-inspired girlie and pin-stripes and Si assembled it all for him and that, as they say, was that.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, three very nice bikes from the Attitude Customs' stables. Simon would like to thank the army of helpers he has who give up their spare time to help out at the workshop - Mouse, Steve (engine work), Mitch, Dean, Steve (wiring), Ash, Matt and loads of others who will work all day to help out - thanks to you all. ©

261100% Biker | issue 1361

RsJaasa: Sio/aVMcts & FaiMsmi- iVktyavtoas ioi AJ

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