Hexhold Finger Spanners

There are some nuts and bolts :hat are just so feckin' awkward to get to, aren't there? You cai't see'em.butyou can feel 'em, and they're a right bugger toget aspanner on - if onlyyou could useyour lingers toget to them, then they'd come off okay and that'd be one less problem ..

Well, now you can with these new Finger Spanners from He*hold. Available in both Metric and AF, they have five spanners in the most common sizes (S5>7,8,1 o andi3mm in the Metric ones, and 7/16,3/8, 11/32, s/i6and 1/4 inch in AF), housed in a rugged box,and cost avery reasonable £19.50 (plus P8<P) from Hexhold on 01708 736640 or www.hexhold.com

Couple of useful bits from Get Geared - First up, this six piece spark plug took set which has three spark plugfriendly sockets i n 16m m, 18mm and 2imm,a j/8ths drive ratchet and two extensions, one short and one long. It costs just £9.99.

Secordly, a torque wrench for just £24.95. It's a 1/4" reversible drive automatic torque wrench with a range of 4-24Nm (approx. 3-18 lb/ft),an acoustic-mechanic release mechanism (itclicks when the right torque is reacied), a robust storage case and a 3/8" adapter too.

Get one or both from Get Geared at 290 Kingston Road Leatherhead, KT227QE or 0845 017 5007 o' w/ww.getgcared.co.uk


121100% Biker I issue 1361 www.ioo-biker.co.uk

RaJaasa: Sio/aVMys & FäiMsmi- iVktyazlttas ioi AJ

Roadside Tool Kits do tool kits specially for Harley-Davidson and American v-twin motorcycles, and they have a special offer on at the moment for this particular one which is designed tc contain jest about everythingyou could ever want or need In a take-along kit.

It's designed to fit reatly Into most fork bags cr Softail tear-drop tool boxes, and covers Sportsters,Dynas,Softai Is and hardtailsorfull size dressers. Put together by a Harley technician, tie custom designed tools are d'op forged, polished, plated and guaranteed, and the black nylon poucis are built to last, and will stanc up to regular rollingand unrolling.

They cost from just £14.99 and you get them from Roadside Tool Kits on 07841100533 or www.roadside-toolkits.co.uk

Venhill's new Carry T-Set contains a popular selection of practical sockets and drives in a handy pcuch that is easy to stow on the bike, in a r ucksack or hip bag.

Featurirgasolid moulded handle for a complete grip, there are 1/4" drive sockets both in the centre snd at one end enablingthe user to choose aetween T bar and straight drive set-up. There are five double-ended drives with hex tips in3mm,4mm and 5mm, both straight and ball end, plus Phillips drives numbers land 2 and slotted drives in 4mmand 5.5mm sizes,and three sockets in 8mm,10mm anc 12mm diameter.

Retailingfor£24.95including VAT,get yours from Venhill at 1vww.ve11hill.co.uk or call 01306 885111.

Highway Hawk, as you'd expect, do anabsolutely massive rangeof tools - far more than we can ever list he-e. They do everything from screwdriver sets (startingat £11.34), folding Allen Keysets (from £3.38), mini ratchet sets (from £19.56), socket sets (from £45.64), Allen Key sets (from £10.20) a whole range of CruzToolsstuff including their comprehensive roadside kits (from £39.51) and a wholeload of other useful goodies too.

check them at in the new Highway Hawk catalogue or onl ne at www.highwayhawk.com

Again, as you might expect,M8<P do afair range of tools -everythingfrom theMotrax 24/7 Sports Tool (a motorcycle multi-tool with 24 tools in one that's easy tostash under your seat) for just £19.99 usually, but on special for £9.99 for a limited t meonly;aset of tough steel T-3ar handled socket drivers (8mm, io-i4mm,i7mmand 19mm) for just £29.99;the Tech 7 tool kit, again for stashingunderyour seat and containing avast range of every day tools, for just £9.99; a very useful angled d rive carb tool kit particularly suited to adjustment of motorcycle carbs for £44.99; and a very good digital Vernier caliper/gauge for just £14.99.

Check them all out on M8tP's website at www. mandp.com nrring thpm ->n 0844 815 6571

This is handy from Oxford Products - it's a nifty little underseat tool kit. There are 28 pieces in it (including sockets, Allen Keys, pliers,snips,screwdrivers etc) that are made from high quality carbon steel and set in a case that's designed tofit under most bikes' rear seats.

It costs jest £12.99 ard you can get one from anywhere that sells Orford stuff a' www.oxprod.com

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