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Seeing as how Si Harris' Attitude Customs workshop down in Southampton has, of late, become almost . the southern branch of Bobbers-R-Us, if s <|)rr^ good to see that he can still find the time '

to build the big drop-seat choppers he's t probably best Known for.

t's funny, isn't it, no matter how many times folk say, 'oh yeah, the day of the big chop is over, it's all bobbers these days', it's still the big 'uns that have the power to stop you dead in your tracks, isn't it?

I mean, don't get me wrong - I like bobbers and will walk past most things to go and look at one, but they just don't have the same 'presence' as a big chop. See a bobber out on the road and most people's reactions will be an approving nod and words along the lines of'cool'or i»^* 'JO**

221100% Biker | issue 1361

'smart' - see a big chop barreling down the highway, front wheel several miles in front of the engine, huge fat back wheel, rider sitting low behind a set of massive 'bars and the reaction is, more often than not, Vow!'. It's about attitude, isn't it? Bobbers have it, that's not for debate, but not to anywhere near the same extent as, for example, either of the Iwu monsters you see here in front of you.

Both (well, all three actually - there's a ileal little Shovel hereabouts too) of them were built by Simon Harris at Attitude Customs in Southampton. The green one is his personal ride and the orange one is a customer s and is the bike we're going to talk about first. It belongs to a guy named Mike Jewell and is, as Si says, is a big bike for an even bigger fella, 'we call him 'The Bear' because of his size, and he'd look daft on any smaller bike'.

Based around a 113 cubic inch (1900cc) Ultima engine with a RSD (right side drive) Dyna gearbox (which contains the oil and so does away with the need for a separate oil tank) cradled lovingly atwixt the arms/ legs /

other bodily parts of one of Attitude's traditional drop-seat rigid frames, it runs a ten inch over front end and a Taylormade billet wheel at the front (well, dur...) and a monstrous twelve inch wide rear hoop at the rear with a 330 tyre and, you'll notice, apparently no back brake. That's bccausc the rear anchor is actually mounted on the back of the gearbox in order to show off as much of the back wheel as possible... O | issue 1361100% Biker 123

JMaasa: S&W^Mfip & BMiams© Map^tetorMI



ORANGE Engi ne:

113CU in Ultima, Mikuni HSR45Carb,6" Hitechbeltdrive.Dynarightsidedrive transmission <vith Jaybrake transmission brake, one-off gear shifter by Attitude Customs, one-off 2" stainless exhausts by Attitude Customs Frame:

One-off AttitudeCustomsdropseat rigid, DNAforwardcontrols Sharp End; ^^^

21* three spoke Taylormade Wheels billet split rim wheel, DNA teardrop disc, Harrison Billet4 pot caliper,10" over fully covered billet wide glide Forks, one-off fork bracebyAttitudeCustoms, one-off handlebars by AttitudeCustoms.Ja/brake handlebar controls, internal throttle, one-off billet'grips by Steve Pilcher

12>17" three spoke Taylormade Wheels billetsplit rimwheel, 330 tyre, three spoke ch-ome sprocket Tinware:

One-off petrol tank by Attitude Customs, one-off seat by Attitude Customs (covered byGraham at Rolls Royce), cut/shut,bashed rear mudguard by Attitude Customs


One-off loorr by Steve, billet headlight, Chevy truck rear light

Dave at Custom ise Perfection (07983114161)

there have been absolutely no problems at all. It goes like hell, rides well, steers like you'd imagine a bike like this does and, Simon says, Mike loves it and would only change it for a bigger, dafiter bike. He would also like to say thank you to his wife, Nicky, for not moaning about all the money he spent on the chop when she really wanted a new kitchen.

The green bike, as I said is Simon's own one and, he says, it rarely gets cleaned and is never maintained, and it's always the last bike to get any work done to it. Despite this, though, it's been on the road a few years now and has never let him down even though it gets ridden a lot harder than most custom bikes I know of.

Based around a 100 cubic inch (just over l6oocc) Ultima with a Dyna RSD 'box (again with a gearbox brake set-up) and a six inch Ilitech belt drive, a 45mm Mikuni carb and a set of short Attitude exhausts, it too has a drop-seat frame with less spring than October 14th and a ten inch over front end, one-off'bars with an internal throttle and funky grips and a one-off hand-shift, O


and confuse the numpties too, he said trying not to look as though he's one of them.

Attitude Customs made up the 'bars, with their internal throttle and one-off grips, and the fuel tank, seat (covered by Graham at Rolls Royce) and rear muddie that, it looks like, is there more to keep erud off the bike than off the rider. You can always spot a custom bike rider, can't you, by the big stripe of road shite up the middle of their hack... That huge belt drive hanging off the left is a six inch Hitech one, and the hand-shift has been hand made by Si too. He also made up the 101 other little parts that were needed to get the chop up and running, before handing all the bits that needed painting over to Dave atCustomise Perfection.

That was nearly two years ago now and since then, Mike reports,

241100% Biker | issue 1361

RsJaasa: Sio/aVMcts & fa/iiarimrj. IfctopEtoss ioi AJ

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