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We here at Biker would like to apologise to Carmen for the time it took to shoot her bike and then get it in the mag... sorry, Carmen! Cracking bike though!

have been riding for about 18 years, but always had stock bikes. When I saw what Rick, my other half, was able to do when he customised his VN jsou (as featured in Biker 90) I

realised I could

^^^ be riding around on S0ITlel:hing special and so the idea for 'Scarlet' was born.

My specifications were quite straightforward - big, Japanese and plain... as in not a tart's handbag. A pay reward at work came at just the right time and I was able to start looking for a suitable starting point. We found a very dilapidated CSX 750 chop on eBay not too far from home, arranged to go and have a look that day and found it coated in Barbie Pink dust (he ^ made a living from spraying little hatches pink, then flogging them on eBay!) I It was love at first sight. I She looked so lost and pathetic - a ghost (albeit a Barbie Pink one) of her ft" apparent former self, with bits hanging off and wires hanging out, like a little lost puppy (okay, I'll stop now -1 1 think you get the picture). I I knew there and then that my i mission was to breathe new |\ life into her. I\ Wc brought 'Scarlct

Starlet' (as I had already named her) home and Rick started work on her straight away.

Once the fairy dust had been P washed off, I looked at the engine and asked him why had il got 1100 stamped on the casing? So there it was, I was now the proud owner of a GSX1100 engine, not a 750.

On closer inspection, and E now knowing that it was an lioo, it became obvious that the 125 front disc and caliper, and the badly worn jfl drum rear, were far from adequate. Back on eBay for a suitable donor bike and wc turned up a CBR1000 track bike which had all the necessary stop/go bits. We did a mock build to get all the dimensions correct, experimented with the ride height and decided on six inch over stock tubes. I had long ago decided that a must for my bike was a set of thick, meat}' ^ slabs so our mate Graham

(Piggy) drew them up on ^^ his PC and another mate ^^^^ machined them for ^^^ us and, before long, I had ^^^ a lovely ^^ chunky o more

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