781100% Biker | issue 1361

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H jl LfillT Thanks to the lovely people at Fat Maggot lilH ini mmrn ivvrww^atmagg°t-com)the winner of the best pic each month, as choscn by us, will get a £20 voucher to spend at their on-line shop. Fat Maggot do, in case you don't know, do a huge range of biker-orientated teeshirts and stickers with some really good slogans (and some your Mum wouldn't approve of too!).

Jon Bateman from California's rather cool 'Crank County Patrol' bike that front end is mad!

amankyand , mate!

The latest creation from C And N Customs (www, - they normally build cars, bi they do a nice line with bikes too, as you can see.

Steve 'Sinister' Conway's YSR5C - a perfect replica of his soon-to-be-featured Gixer!

Matt Haine's Slabbie Tighter with its brutal-looking back end! Check cut more of his bikes at www.

Cool little bobber built by Area 51 Custom Cycles...

Rouven Dawson's S&S 93 cu in Shovel - designed in his heac and built by the hands of one Phil Piper.

Dazza's Mean Streak 1600 - love the paint, mate!

it's our Odgie on his OK Supreme (as featured last issue). Look at the ^

on that face - he hasn't quite got h.s tongue stuck out the corner of his mouth, but...

Wanttoseeyourpicshe e?

Send them to Rogues Galle'y. 100%

&ker Old School Higher Knnerton,

Chester,CH4 9 AJ or email them to [email protected]

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