Guide For Bikers

1172-1180 Christchorch Road Bournemouth BI76IY Tel 01202 830437 Open from Tuesday lo Saturday 9.00am lo 5.00pm wwwcniiseniiotorcvcleclotiiingxojik

Phone orders: 01902 42596110am-7pm Mon-Fri Shop online at

and at our new site


^ fidMuott evec sbüi leather trousers, chaps and jackets (XS-3XL) Custom made service available for all sizes - Custom minted clolliiny available \ -^B^n"" warmers * - Mayura and Blytz boots K jS? sot T-shirt ties.gns jfl W/A - Dirty Dog sunglasses IV

Call: 07905 440 970

Email: [email protected]

Sponsors of 100% Biker Rogues Gallery dir+ucdaq

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