molly's wheels!

Original Year, Make & Model:

1988 BMW Ri 00 Engine:

1988 BMW R100,new heads,new rings, rebuilt gearbox (twice),rebuilt clutch,re built carbs with newintemals, modified aftermarket LPG conversion, Peugeotio6 car alternator belt driven from pulley weided onto o'iginal alternator rotor8< holes cut into engirecasing Bosch BMW R100 bell housing8i bendixgear with Bosch VW Golf MKII start motor body 8; rotor.adaptorplateturned upon mate's lathe to couple the two mismatched bits together, hone made 2-1 exhaust wth Bandit 1200 end can, coppertube heat exchanger wrapped around exhaust down tube to vapourse gas be;ore regulator Frame:

1988 BMW Ri00,sidecar mountinglugs, subframe removed,standard footress etc

1988 BMW Rioo.pushbike speedo Blunt End;

Stock swingarn 8<shocks: Peugeot 15' wheel with home madeadaptorfor offset 8i diffei ent PCD dial 1 leter :>, 25V/0/1511 iud/ snow off road 4X4 tyre(diameterchosento give good sidecargearing;,VauxhallVectra disc.unknowr car caliper, nome made mount, random car master-cylinder from breakers (possiblyMini dutch one) Tinware:

35 Stre automotive LPG tank in sidecar, nofuel tank on bike, minimal aluminium chequer-platesaddle8<rear mudgtard Sidecar:

Saliki Siderider body, home madesox25mm bo<sectionchass'is,lndespension suspension un t fromtrailerwith lengthened arm, VW rear car hu b & 13" whce I, ho me made adjustable mountingstruts

Heme made seven core trailercable loom, stock headlight, home made twinfibreglass rocket booster rearlamps moulded from Ikea lampshade with97iomm LEDs ir each, car battery strapped tosidccarchassbwith tie-down strap.

Black masonry paint onsidecarbody8< red oxdeunderccat on sidecar chassis by owner with brush.everythingelse bare rust 8: mud

Thanks To: ^^^^^^^^^^^ 'Mollyforherflappingears8<waggytail;the RS'CAforlettingmehaveoneoftheirdogsSi beingsupportivewhen theyfound out I take her placesinasidecanthose who told me that sidecars aredangerous which drove meto prnvp them wrong (yni 1 know whoyni iarp);& everyone from Ratbike Land..." No Thanks To:

TheNIMBYmiddledass(insert printable expletive) wtiocalled the police & had it removed asar abandoned vehicle within about 20 minsof parking near his house...'

301100% Biker | issue 1361 www.ioo-biker.co.uk

RaJaasa: Sio/aVMcts & FaiMsmi- Mapaliiss to- Ml

To talk to Mouse and other like-minded rat bike oonies.goto www.ratbike.org and check out :he'Discussion' wotsit on tie -ight hand side of :he screen.

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