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He loves the hot'ods as well asthebikesandal ready has a49cc Harley lookalike little bike. Can anyone tell me :he legal age for taking a kid cn the back of a bike?

I willf'omnowon be buyingioo%forall my bi<e dates and bike features. I don't have a PC of my own (usi ng work's at tea break) so don't go on fcrums, preferring to spend time with my son or working on the bike or van.

If you do see alone rockabi ly on a red n'white CB500T choppa at a bike run in the east Midlands say hi!

Stuart Goodwin

Fink that there is no minimum age, mate, think as long as they can reach the 'pegs they're okay. N.

Dear 100% Biker,

The Saferider people gave a presentation at the IFZ Conference in Cologne recently and our man who attended the conference tells us that they have back-pedaled regarding the Force Feedback Throttle, due to 'concerns from motorcyclists'. Comments were made to the effect that pressure on the consortium from motorcyclists resulted in a re-thinkabout the device.

The final review to the EU Project Officer takes place in November, that's when the project ends and when we will find out definitively if theoutcry of European motorcyclists really made a difference. In other words, it ain't over until the fat lady sings.

I forgot to mention that you there is a Facebook page'No To Throttle Control'if anybody feels inclinedtosignup. People already signed up include MAG regional reps, Neil I iversedge, MAG Directors, FEMA representatives and BMF members as well as riders from around the


world. We know that the Saferider people and the Commission have seen it. Elaine Hardy

Dear 100% Biker,

Just a quick note to say thanks to the bikers on tne A64 York road in Leeds on 8th November at 5.40pm (ish) for stopping to see if I was okay after I did a backward flip off Tiy Diversion when ayoung lady decided my number plate would look good on her car bonnet.

One of you saw it and then the lad with the urban camo trousers came looking for me to see if I was okay-thanks for helping me lift the bike up off the floor, it makes me proud to be part of such a caring community.

Nowthefun begins -gettingafairdeal,the poor Divvie will not come out of this one. Quasar

Dear 100% Biker,

Duetoenquiriesfroma ot of local members it looks like

Derby MAG is being re-oorn.

The initial meeting was held at the Brookfield in Barrow Upon "rent, just south of Sinfin across the canal on Wednesday 3rd November at 8pm, and there were forty plus folk at it - a great start!

Monthly meetings will now be held on the first Wednesday of the morth. For more information email derby-rep(a) or checkthem out on Facebook. Scouse

Thanks to the lovely ¡jm people at Oxford B Products (www. Wf or01993 " 862300),thebestletter each month will win one of theircocl new Box BX-1 helmets.ThcBX-iistheirlatest-ull >» face lid and has been designed to a very iigh specification. It has a lightweight synthetic shell,aquick-releasevisor.a removable llningand two ventilation points to both ductairinto coolyour sweaty bonce and also whisk away the hot airtoo. It's been awarded four stars in the latest SHARP safety tests, and it comes ina variety ofcolours-ptein black, plan matt black, plain silver or plain wh tc and some very funky SCOPE graphic colouis too - and would setyoi. back£49.99 ifyou hadto buy one but, as I said, each month one lucky so-and-so will get one free,gratis andfornowt.

Dear 100% Biker,

I wasat Pointy Hat Wizard Fabrications'workshop in Tilbury the other day and I saw this on their bench. Do you knowanythingaboi it it?



You, sir, are a swine. I was trying to keep it a secret until it was finished! N.

Sio/aVJa^js &. FatMsim MasjasdiiS® t&w AJ i issue 1361100% Biker 115 b/ Ml

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