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Dear 100% Biker,

I have been an a^id reader of your magazine for over fouryears when, after playing the role of model husband, father and MrNormalformaryyears,l decided I needed to be're-born'and get back tc my first true love, moto'bikes.

Having achieved this, I realised what a very different place the motorbike world is now. When I was twelve years old, I won many a bet guessing not only the make, but alsc the engine size and model of a motorbke, simply by listening to the sound of its engine before actually laying eyes on it I kidyou not Rut, in those days, there were nowhere near the variety of make or models around, English made b kes were the 'boss', Harleys were American dreams that would probably never be seen in England, and Jap bikes were the cheeky, cheap upstarts tryingto makea nameforthemselves!

Anyway, the reason I am writing is although I have been buyingyour magforfouryears, it is only in the last couple of issues I have actually 'properly' read Laurie's 'Last Thing' column. After reading his 'No Fear' article in issue 133,1 realised Laurie is truly an old school biker, a proper biker, with the values that go with that honour. This was so refreshingfor me, taking me back to when I first entered the free and rebellious world of biking. Nowadays, I find it hard to meet the likes of Laurie (and myself) - the majority of bikers seen to be people with money who every Sunday take thei'ride for a blast, smiling and waving to their neat gardened, whitewashed bungalow living neighbours. There is nothing wrong with tha:, each to their own, and I treat EVERY biker with respect, it's just that I prefer o d school - as I said, each to their own.

So thank you 100% Biker, especially Laurie, for making me realise there are still old school, true bikers out there, they're just harder to find these days. Respect Laurie, knees in the breeze.


Dear 100% Biker,

Don't know if anyone's said anythingaboutStevieth? Mandolin Bloke's thing he's doing for the Royal British Legion's Poppy Appeal?

If you go to www.cdbaoy. com/cd/steviefclk,you can download his song'Lest We Forget'for a small fee and all proceeds will be given to the RBL.

Do it now! Bill

Dear 100% Biker,

On 21st August the Rusty Sprocket MCC celebrated their eighteenth birthday and had a small party at Abercoed Farmhouse in Mid Wales.

The owners of the farm, Jane and Steve, who just run a small B&B with a semi-abandoned barn on their land and room for camping, turned :he barn into a fantastic venue for a small/ mid sized party with a raised stage for a band and plenty of seating, toilets etc, and

141100% Biker | issue 1361 vww.ioo-biker.co.uk

I they even provided food on : site, ard the place was truly ; transformed j Theclub would like tc I say a massive thanks to ; Abercoed Farmhouse for j providing such and excellent i venueandwewouldliketo I adviseanyone who's looking I fora small/mid sized place : with great surroundings fora private pa'ty to visit j theirwebsiteatwww. I abercoedfarmhouse.ccm Doony, Secretary, Rusty Sprocket MCC

: I recentlygotrry little

| CBssoTchoppabackon

: the road so also recently

■ started buying oike mags j for motivation. I also have a

; custom V8 Transit so have

• been trying to get that sorted

| as well as attending hot rod

: meets

■ Withafouryearold | son, Samuel, it's not so j easy to take him on the bike.

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