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Original Year, Make & Model:

1979 Suzuki GSX1100ET Engine:

1979 Suzuki GSX 1100ET,150 main jets, S&B drv paperfilters.Debber Performance heavy-duty d jtch, Powerlinkss/4" offset gearbox sprocket, Dyna S ignition with 5 ohm road coils, one-off stainless exhaust Frame:

One-off rigid,one-off home made stainless foot controls Sharp End:

Suzuki hi-900 wheel & brakes,6"over41mm forks, one-off 4ommbilletyokes,one-off hoTiemadefork brace, Goodridge stainless steel brakeslines byPirtekone-off 36" wide i"stainless'bars,Harley-Davidson Sportster master-cylinder, home made miniswr.chgear, Acewell speedoon one-off home made mount Blunt End:

HondaCBRiooowheel&disc,Honda Blackbird caliper,SuzukiRFgoo master-cylinder Tinware:

21x5" flat front mudguard shrunk to 18", one-off 5" stretch 1 piece hand madealuninium pe:roltankwith flush filler, one-off hand made seat ushgtimber base covered in3/4" padding. 19x7"flat rear mudguard shrunkto 18", one-off home made stainless electrics box Electrics:

One-off home made loon,6" cone leadlight with Jaguar lens conversion, medium cat's eye rear light Paint:

Rouge Lucifer (devil red) by BangedUp

Pa ntwork


Allstainless&aluminiumbyRick Engineering:

Frame work/mudguards,Wheel spacers/ stainless worl/generalfixication by Rick, exhausts/conrrols by Rick & Piggy, slabs CAD designed by Piggy 8< machined by Graham at Paragon Precision Engineering stainless wheel spindles/disc spacers by Graham at Gcdrick Engineering seat cover by Paul Brace Thanks To: ^^^^^^^ 'Graham at Godrick Engheering (01733 5582260rwww.g0dricengineeringc0.uk); Graham at Paragon Precision Engineering (01353 662244 or www.paragonengjneering. couk);SimonatGPS Engineeringfcr selling Rick a new lathe (01733 233199 or wv/w.gpsengineeringco uk); Clay Davis for losn of his TIG welder; John Patterson at Baiged Up Paintwork fo'the paint; Debben Pe-formance (01425 474628 or www. de2ben.c0.uk); John'Scotty'Anderson; Piggy at Custom Creations; Powerlinks (01425 472100 or www.powerlinks.co.uk); Pirtek (0122383522 or www.pir.ek.co.uk);&of cojrse.Rick...' _


front end that really bought Scarlet to life.

The back end, though, turned out to be an inch off centre. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth Rick decided there was only one solution - it was heated until it was cherry red and jacked into position using two large spanners, propped apart using threaded bar and left to cool. The threaded bar was then removed - sorted. But that, of course, created a new problem - the front sprocket required a three-quarter inch offset. It was easily solved, though, with a Powerlinks offset sprocket. The wheels were then wrapped with some flat mudguards, which were both metal shrunk to close the radius.

Now the rolling chassis was complete it was over to Piggy's Whiplash Emporium for a very nice set of stainless pipes and the finishing touches on the foot controls. Whilst Piggy was making coffee Rick eyeballed a dusty old tank on one of the many shelves and, when he came back, in the tank was sat on the frame like it had always been there and that's where it stayed!

By now we were a good year into the project. Rick has never been one to hurry a job and compromise is just not in his vocabulary. The following year was spent getting the engine into shape and machining the many one-off bits that he made for Scarlet but, by the middle of the second year, she was ready for some colour so was broken down into bits in readiness for paint and polish.

The frame and tinware were sentenced to six weeks at the now sadly closed Banged Up Paintwork at Little Hey Prison, who had already done us proud on Rick's bike, and Rick got stuck in with the engine paint and polishing until we had a spare room full of ready-to-build bike parts. New problem - where the hell was clean enough for the build to take place? Rick had a Eureka' moment when he realised he would, in fact, have to build a new workshop in our (very small) garden. The builders started on August Bank Holiday and the workshop was completed by Christmas, and the final assemhly began. The first ride was in May that year which was also when she won her first trophy for 'Best Engineering'.

Although I'm not getting any younger, and sometimes after 150 miles of hardtail riding I could cry every time I hit a bump, nothing quite compares to the feeling I get from riding a bike that I know is the only one of its kind, built for me by a very special man who really does not realise the depth of his talent. ©

341100% Biker | issue 1361 www.ioo-biker.co.uk

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