To Shrink The Tucks I Use The Same Bali Peen Hammer As I Use For Everything Else

welding clamps, you need to smack the jaws with a hammer.

To shrink the tucks, I use the same ball peen hammer as I use for everything else. Again, I start by hitting the tuck where it meets the edge of the metal, and hitting the highest point of it. What you need to watch is that you don't just unfold the tuck as you hit it, so what I do is to press the work against the surface I'm working on so that I see the tuck tightening up, then I maintain that pressure while I work the end of it flat with the hammer.

Digressing briefly into English Wheels - unless you have a floor standing, cast iron, full on English Wheel, it's not the best thing in the world for putting shape into metal. That said, even a small, fabricated, bench top one will do a much quicker job of planishing out the hammer marks (Fig.8). I made the English Wheel in Fig.8 in half a day from crap I found under the bench and, while it's limited, it's pretty useful.

Getting back to the tank, I made a card template from the buck for the top and bottom sections of the middle of the tank (Fig.9), and cut out and shaped the two pieces. Once I had those shaped to fit the huck, I trimmed the overlap so they butted together and tacked them up. Then I positioned the middle section so that it sat inside each of the sides and marked the overlap again, a feat that requires a spare pair of hands. With the overlap trimmed off the sides, I tacked the whole thing together. ( Next issue,

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