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Kliktronic Push Button Gearshift System & K-Lever2 Dual-Lever Brake/Clutch System ^ the complete solution for the disabled rider

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The picture on the left shows the application of the front brake only on the top lever, in the right hand picture the rider gnpj both levers simultaneously applying fro it and rear brakes.

The K-Lever2 can be configured in a variety of ways as shown below

Introducing the K-Lever2 a completely modular system enabling riders with foot or hand injuries to bring twin brake or brake & clutch control to one hand.This can be mounted to either left of right hand bars, the levers have a considerable range of adjustment - up to 60mm offset is possible for maximum control, there arc also two lever lengths available, again giving improved control.The hydraulic modules are available in 14.0mm or 17.5mm bore sizes for optimum performance.

The picture on the left shows the application of the front brake only on the top lever, in the right hand picture the rider gnpj both levers simultaneously applying fro it and rear brakes.

The K-Lever2 can be configured in a variety of ways as shown below

Easily mounted to the original gear lever

Simple push-button operation for the Kliktronic System

Hydraulic & Cable Twin Cable Twin Hydraulic

PART FOUR So, the morning of Day Four - Brasov.

Ceausescu was overthrown and executed (Romania is still the only Eastern Bloc country to this day that's overthrown its Communist leaders and executed them), but the Post Office in Brasov still bears the scars of bullets from the fire-fights there. Apart from that, it's really just another lovely old walled city with a stunning Gothic church, the Biserica Neagra ('Black Church'), that's apparently the largest Gothic-style church in south east Europe and gets its name from the smoke blackening that occurred in the great fire that swept through the city in 1689, a council building that makes yer average town hall look like a Portacabin, and lots of really interesting looking little bars and cafcs that wc were, unfortunately, unable to check out because Romania has a zero-tolerance attitude to alcohol and driving and none of us wanted to find out what the inside of even an ex-Communist police cell looks like. The place is well worth a visit, though.

t was a bit damp first thing, but that was okay 'cos the plan was for a walking tour of the old city in the morning, followed by heading out for the day's riding in the afternoon, and Brasov is a lovely old place so that was groovy. Most places in Romania have done well to hide most of the signs of Communism and the revolution that occurred in 1989 when Nicolas

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When the roads are ike this,you can see" whyyou reedtrail bikes,can'tyou?' - "

Horse-d rawn hearse tron 1 year i gui ie uy nau t Igbviously been targeted by Scousers...

Anyway, after lunch it was back on the bikes and off again. The rain (well, drizzle) had stopped and the temperature was climbing into the 'phew, what a scorcher' (copyright The Sun 1976) range. We were heading for the little, impossibly picturesque town of Sighisoara, but we had a couple of stops planned on the way. The roads out of Brasov were a bit more crowded than we'd been used to of late, but it soon thinned out and we were hooningat 8omph as usual before long. I'd taken my customary place at the rear of the group and was happily whizzing along using the power of the GS1200 to haul me past cars and trucks that the others'd already passed when, suddenly, it all very nearly went horribly, horribly wrong ...

The others had got a bit of a lead on me, as I'd stopped to take a pic or slowed to look at summat, can't really remember what, and so I was pressing on at a smidge under loomph. The road was wide and well-surfaced and there was very little traffic-on it, definitely nothing behind me for as far as the eye could see. On a straight stretch, with nothing in front of me on my side of the carriageway, I glanced down at my speedo and, in that fraction of a second that it took to do that, an Audi coming


the other way pulled out to overtake the car in front and missed me by inches, if not centimetres. I have to say it scared the crap out of me - I can only too easily see the headlines of the local paper in me mind's eye, 'English motorcyclist killed in road accident' and imagine the grief it'd've caused my family back home - and all for the sake of perhaps one more second's wait for the car driver, you know? Frightening, it really is.

Shortly after that (once I'd emptied the contents of me underwear of me trouser leg like you pour water from a welly), we turned off the main road O

The Romanians like thei'churchesto have extraordinarily ornatespires..

Abandon hope allye who enter here _. especially if you're as unfit as I am - this ancient coverec^^ gtjjreasewassreep!

541100% Biker I issue 1361 wwv.ioo-biker.co.uk

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Clever house decoration..

We cotld hardlygo to Transylvania and not have at least one graveyard pic, col Id we?

Umm, dragon burger ailyone?

and set off down a narrow unpavcd track for the village ofViscri,a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you needed further proof of why Transylvania Live use big trail bikes for their tours, this was it. It was, really, truly amazing - once we'd left the tarmac it was like riding back into the Eighteenth Century, into a painting by John Constable. All around us, stooks of hay and racks of it were drying in the Sun in much the same way as they've been laid out to do so for hundreds, if not thousands, of years, and women in long dresses and head scarves and men in baggy trousers and shirts and caps worked in fields using hoes and scythes, not power tools or tractors any where in sight, while horses pulled ploughs and carts. The only concessions, if you like, to the modern age were the fact that the carts had rubber tyres, not wooden or iron hoops, and most of the younger folk were wearing tee-shirts - apart from that you'd be hard pushed to tell that you hadn't somehow gone back in time. The villages were the same - most houses were old, very old, and didn't have running water using, instead, water drawn from wells in every garden accessed by the most simple of lifting gear (an upright post with a horizontal arm with a weight on one end and a bucket on the other), and there were very few power cables implying that most dwellings didn't have electricity. Kids, dogs, horses, cows and pigs wandered the dirt streets of the villages at will and made pot-hole dodging even more of a challenge as they just stood there in the middle of the track looking at you and, if it hadn't been for said tee-shirts and the occasional battered Dacia 1300 (a home-brewed version of the Renault 12), you'd be forgiven for wondering exactly where

www.ioo-biker.co.uk I issue 1361100% Biker 155

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Apart from the 'Vampire Camping'thiswas the only other reference to vampires I saw anywhere and that's because

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