Bit Of A Mixture

The 'Monda' was originally one of Graham 'Harry' Roberts' bikes and was the very first conversion of a single shock bike into a twinshock. Ion Rutherford bought the bike and a load of spares from Harry intending to build up a second bike, then bought even more spares to build a third Monda.

Ion, also being local to Roy. was initially approached to see if he would sponsor him on one of the bikes. As mentioned earlier. Ion did better than that and gave him both bikes to race. These bikes were so good in their standard trim that there were no tuning mods required at all to the engines.

O Once you had little option with bar position, nowadays with risers, pushers, pullers and the like, the riding position is as tunable as any other part ol the bike.

O Much evidence ol use here as the Wells boot has worn the coating off the clutch cover.

Neil Hudson Motocross

At the time, Rob Spence, who was based in Fleet, used to help out with Roy's engine work and the suspension was handled by Neil Hudson.

This run of bad luck continued for around two years, until 1993 when he was able to get his hands his first 125cc bike. However, in his first year he had at nis disposal two second-hand 125s, but they proved unreliable and with no sponsorship at that time it took Roy and his dad Chris all year to even get the bikes running correctly.

He did scrape through that first year on the 125 in the end, but no sooner were the bikes sorted than the big end went on one of them. So that year was also scrapped.

Roy was then approached by Mike Carter of Husky Sport, in 1994, to ride for them on a 125 Husqvarna. Despite being offered a 'works' bike to test and develop in Italy this bike never materialized and he was left with an uncompetitive production model.

In 1995 he returned to Honda and he qualified for the 1996 season of the AMCA Championship on a 250cc. This was however after breaking three other bikes in the attempt. So Paul Rogers from Wimslow Tyres provided Roy with a bike and supplied him with tyres. Wulfsport were supplying clothing, Silkolene the oil and Werks Graphics were helping Roy out as well. With all this support Roy thought that he should get some decent training in to repay the trust of his sponsors.

The first meeting of 1996 was at Culham, in which Roy was in the expert support race gaining a first place on the podium. O Repacking the silencer regularly is a route to maintaining power

The second event that year was the Pathquick. on a two-stroke - pop rivets on the end can make the job easier. This turned out to be a wet and muddy meeting, which was not to Roy's liking. He was not very keen to ride at all but he went out in the first race and had a good placing in that. In the second race though he crashed on landing over a double jump and although he managed to still walk back to the van, the following day he decided a visit to the hospital was required where they thought that he just had a cramp in his leg.

Following a week off work, his injury was still not right so he went to see a sports physiotherapist. This time the diagnosis was >

O A retro convert! A what? A retro convert - It started llle as a monoshock and became a twinshock.
1981 Honda Cr450r Engine
O Monda = Maico chassis with a Honda engine... could have been 'Haico' but 'Monda' sounds better.

2005 once again saw Roy sidelined as the championship that he had intended to ride in was cancelled.

completely different. His pelvis had been dislocated and on top of that he had chipped some bone off the ball joint in his hip. The result of this diagnosis was that Roy spent four months on crutches. So, for the rest of 1996, he was out of the running, also 1997 was a non-starter, and it wasn't until 1998 that he was fit enough to ride again, this time on a 500cc Honda.

This injury will of course eventually lead to nim needing a hip replacement.

On the Honda he continued in '98 more or less where he had left off in '96, qualifying for the IMBA round at the end of'98 in Switzerland. At this event it was a big triple jump that was to bring Roy down again. Following another rider over the jump the guy in front crashed and his bike catapulted across the track to end up directly under Roy's landing zone. The impact of landing on this crashed bike snapped the handlebars off on both sides of Roy's bike. When the dust had settled the bars were not the only things that had snapped. Roy was left with a snapped cruciate ligament in his knee.

Along came 1999 and he did the first two rounds and was leading that championship and was then due to go to an IMBA round in Belgium. That went without incident but shortly afterwards at a local event near Bristol he clipped a post and the resulting crash broke both of Roy's wrists.

At that point in the proceedings Roy decided that a career in motocross was maybe not for him, so he sold everything, the bike, the van the lot.

He did not return to motorcycling until 2002 and then on a 125cc. On that he did the supercross at his home town of Weston-super-Mare and a few enduros and generally spent the year enjoying his racing.

In 2004 he then bought a new CR450 and competed in the MR Junior Championship, which he won.

O There's no danger of this baby breaking, look at the weight reduction machining. O Below: In order to get suspension movement while having a sensible ride height the lorks extend past the wheel spindle.

2005 once again saw Roy sidelined as the championship that he had intended to ride in was cancelled.

A change of pace

So it was 2006 when Roy's mechanic and friend Reg Feiven found himself at Little Silver for the first time at the Cancer Research event run by Richard Paull, Sammy Doble and Mike David. Reg is a Honda trained mechanic and he told me that he likes to keep his bikes as true to the original specs as possible. He said: "The rear shock for example on Roy's Evo, is not off a 1992 bike that we have managed to cobble together, but instead is a genuine 1985 shock, and most importantly it works."

O With massive strengthening ribs cast into the back plate it can't Ilex and give vague handling.


The bike that Roy Wells successfully rode to clinch the 2009 RDH Twinshock Masters title is a bike like no other - well not many others.

Based on a 1981 Maico - a 1982 Honda CR 480 four-speed, two-stroke engine has been shoehomed into the frame. In reality, apart from the obvious addition of new engine plates on which to mount the Honda motor, there was little else involved in this conversion. The frame was stripped down and meticulously checked for cracks and then welded up as required.

The standard Maico swinging arm was replaced by an aluminum aftermarket number, and Neil Hudson prepared Ohlin shocks were added to stop the swinging arm dragging on the floor. Also helping in that department were new wheel rims which are laced to the hubs by Talon stainless spokes. Also by Talon, the standard Maico hubs have been turned down to a smooth finish and polished. The front brake back plate is by Wulfsport, as are the chain runners and rear brake pedal. The chain guide and the rear brake back plate come from 'Harry' Roberts Arricko organization and from where the Maico exhaust tail pipe was also sourced.

A standard Honda Kehin carburettor provides the mix. that being fed with air though a standard Maico air-box. The standard Honda 480 exhaust system has been retained. The footpegs are aftermarket for Maico and the fuel tank is also Maico. this time from a 1984 500cc bike.

Front forks are once again standard Maico items, prepared by Neil Hudson, and use Ohlins springs. The triple clamps come from Wulfsport.

Roy has secured a clothing deal from Kenny UK for the 2010 season and he would also like to thank Ion Rutherford for the loan of this bike once again for 2010.

But the array of classic bikes at Little Silver prompted Reg to excitedly call Roy up to get him to come down and have a look at what he had been missing all these years. On that occasion Roy couldn't make it, due to work commitments. But seeing the Red Rocket that Reg was riding at the time sparked a new lease of life in Diesel Wells and a previously unknown passion for twinshock motocross.

This in turn led to Roy buying a 500cc Evo Honda on eBay, with the intention of riding at the famous Wiltshire circuit of Farleigh Castle later in the year. The fact that there was no class for an Evo bike at Farleigh left Roy unperturbed!

Despite doubts by friends that he could actually ride this bike at Farleigh he duly turned up, paid his entry fee and very nearly went away with the

O Mr I/Veils is happy with his performance in 2009 and is looking forward to 2010.

Maico Wulf Sport

Kings of the Castle cup. After getting the holeshot in race one and winning two races on the following day, going through the barriers and then dragging one of Sammy Doble's UFO banners around half of the circuit, the real reason of his demise was that for the first time he had been let down by his beloved Honda. While in second spot in the Kings of the Castle race the engine called enough and started on its one way road to self destruction.

Not wanting to completely destroy the engine, Roy wisely pulled in. Undaunted, Roy promptly bought a 500cc Honda for his next campaign.

The first year of'good honest racing' was in 2007 and he found himself in the twinshock Masters and Evo classes.


Roy has no other hobbies as racing takes up so much of his time and is his passion, although he will sometimes watch a game of snooker or darts. A rather sedate pastime to interest one who lives his life in the fast lane of the twinshock world. In 2009 his most respected rivals were Alex Rach in the twinshock class and in the Evo class it would have to be Gary Parker and Richard Chinn.

Roy thinks that Alex will be a force to be reckoned with in 2010 Twinshock as he seems to be planning a full season in the class. Simon Gower is another rival to watch out for in the same class as he is coming back to the sport this

Roy asked me through the pages oi CDB to pass on his thanks to the following:

His mum and dad foi all their support ovei the years.

Of course. Reg. for the endless hours that he has spent in his garage to supply Roy with championship winning bikes.

Ion Rutherford for the use of his two 'Mondas' in 2009 and his continuing support in 2010.

Tim at Redline Engineering for all the welding.

leff at for his support.

Donna for help with clothing and Tom for sorting a clothing deal with Kenny UK.

year. But Simon may also be in the Evo class so Roy will have his work cut out.

On other aspects of the sport he thought that Darren Hudson's two-stroke and vets championship appealed to him. This is a northern series and they will all be two day rounds. Roy hopes to contest this series on his 500 Evo bike. The other series that he shows an interest in and is quite impressed with is Colin Mundy's new Circa 74 series, and he would like to compete in that if he had a bike. Any offers?

Finally, I asked Roy how he fancied his chances in the RDM 2010 series. His answer was, "I want to win, and I won't be happy if I don't win." Those few short words from the master neatly sum up what it takes to become a master of masters.

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