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For spectators or photographers there are any number of section groups easier to get to than Bradileig. Being Wednesday's opening group in the '75 event they are out past Spean Bridge, 16 miles from Fort William but a lot of those miles are off-road.

In the words of photographer Nick Nicholls, "it's a long trek out there". But, Nick made that trek and he caught Montesa team man, Rob Edwards, feet up in the dramatic Highland scenery.

Edwards had been on and off the leader board prior to this shot but had not had an easy trial His Montesa, fitted with an experimental six-speed gearbox, locked solid during Monday's run and the Teesider lost time while trying to free it off.

Edwards wasn't the only rider to hit machine trouble in a week that saw tight time schedules and almost road racing speeds, engine seizures were common. For Rob though, the gearbox troubles hit back on Thursday and his trial was over. It also meant the end of Montesa's Number One works team's hopes in the Manufacturers' Cup too.

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