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Sammy Miller Products backs Nostalgia

After sponsoring the 2009 Nostalgia Trial in Cumbria last year, Richard Jordan and Jackie Drake of Sammy Miller products Ltd, were honoured to be asked to sponsor the entire event for 2010. In their opinion this event has an amazingly, enthusiastic and enjoyable atmosphere. The Sammy Miller products Ltd stand will be a central point for people to focus on and they'll be happy to advise and give information on any of their products featured on the website or catalogue or anything about trials, motocross and bikes in general.

The week starts on the 14 August with the Sammy Miller Products Nostalgia trial and features a Cock of the North Road run on the

15th, the north Yorkshire Raiders Road run on the 16th, the Nostalgia Road run on the 18th, Trail ride day on the 19th, the 1913 ISDT re-run on the 20th finishing with the Nostalgia Scramble on the 22nd.

And just to answer a question that's been asked many times... "Why have the organisers separated the trial from the scramble by a week?" the answer is to enable the organisers to prepare all the competitors and spectators fully for this already massive event, which is taking this little town in Cumbria by storm... If you don't get the chance to make it there please catch up by visiting on the news and events page.

Austin and Lois check the map durng route planning (or Twinshock.

Twinshock Trailfinder

TWinshock Trailfinder is the only event for the thinking off-road rider, combining map-reading with spectacular longdistance trail riding. Put simply, it's orienteering on dirt bikes. It is designed as a relaxed, boutique and highly social classic dirt-bike experience, not an enduro or a race. To keep it down-home and friendly only 70 bikes will be accepted.

The event covers a 400 square mile area, centred on the town of Sort in the Spanish Pyrenees and it happens only once a year - 14-15 September 2010. However, once the 'Trailfinder' event is finished, you may still ride the mountain trails freely, in your own time.

Twinshock Trailfinder! is a team event for two to four riders and a comedy team name is compulsory. Each team will be issued with a map showing the exact locations of the 42 checkpoints over the 400 square mile area. There are numbered metal dog-tag plaques affixed at each checkpoint. Each checkpoint has a different points value, depending on how far it is from the hotel. It's open to any bike with two shocks at the rear. Contact: [email protected] - There is intentionally, no website.

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