Top Ty Tips From Trail

a 200cc conversion kit for the TY175. "Back in the late 70s and early 80s, Reg May (of Comerfords fame) modified the port timing on the Whitehawk conversions being marketed by Mick Whitiock. When twinshocks were on the way out, Mick sold the remaining Whitehawk parts to a friend of Dave 'Mr Bultaco' Renham - and I later bought it all from him.

"We'd been trying out using modified TY250 pistons to make a big bore kit for the 175, but it wasn't ideal. Then, in one of the boxes of Whitehawk bits, I found the porting template Reg used and a modified piston - that's now the basis of our 200 kit. We use a 71mm Wisco forged piston that takes the 175 out to 198cc, fit a new liner and port the barrel to Reg's specification. It works brilliantly and price details will be on the web once finalised.

"The electronic ignition kit is another 'must-have' in my opinion - for both the 175 and 250. The kits are bench tested before going out and really clean up the bottom of the rev range as well as making starting easier. They're a real fit and forget improvement, carry a 12 month guarantee and cost £199.99."

Trail and Trial's ever increasing range of brand-specific parts was augmented early on with a range of quality trials accessories too. "we stock a huge range of cables, throttles, mudguards, air filters - pretty much everything to keep your twinshock bike on song." John confirms.

"And we get Betor to supply us with shock absorbers built to our own specifications. At the moment we're offering 350mm and 380mm lengths, with a choice of spring rates - 40 or 501b -in either alloy or steel bodies. As a rule of thumb, the steeper the angle of the rear shocks, the heavier spring rate you need. That's even more important than the weight of the rider. TY175s only ever need 401b shocks. They work really well and, at £147.99 for alloy and £98.99 for steel bodies, they're affordable too."

It doesn't end there either. John's happy to undertake engine rebuilds (at a fixed rate of £150 plus parts) and complete restorations. "Strictly by arrangement though," he adds. "They take time to do right." And all the while, he and Sonia are looking at adding new products to their range all the time. "We've got TY175 and 250 dipsticks and air filter cages, plus TY250 chain tensioner arms coming soon," John confirms. "And we're looking at side panels, air boxes and more parts for TY monos -1 reckon they'll be the next big thing."

Their products are only part of the story behind the success of Trail and Trials though. It's the people who make the difference in any business. Deal with John and Sonia and you get the real deal. Trials folk - bike folk - who are out there riding on a Sunday ("...when I get the chance -1 have to plan for a ride these days...") or showcasing their wares at the Telford Classic Off Road Show or the two big classic events at Stafford. "We just want to keep on supplying what people want," says John simply. Long may he continue. ■

3 Lots of TY175s have holed clutch cases where the pinch-bolt on the kick-start lever has punched through. That happens because the kick-start stop Is only pressed onto its shaft. The solution is a new kick-start shaft at £53.

1 The swinging arm is prone to seize in place. Before you buy. try to remove the swinging arm. If it doesn't slide out easily, you'll probably have to cut it free.

4 The air box on the 175 is very restrictive. Removing the plates at the top and bottom of the air box and using a larger filter foam will liberate a useful amount of power - especially at the bottom end. You'll need to go up to a 2.1'/, pilot jet and raise the needle one notch.

Yamaha s TY range is some of the most reliable and durable twinshock trials iron out there, but - like any bike - do have a few foibles. Here are lohn's top five tips on what to watch for...

2 On the TY175. there's an external gear selector mechanism behind a cover inboard of the gear lever. The phosphor bronze bush that forms part of the cover plate wears, allowing the gear lever to move and wear to occur to the selector shaft operating lever. For £82.49 we can supply a modified cover kit with everything needed to repair the original, and a bush that also extends further outboard of the cover to help support the gear lever.

5 Fit an electronic ignition. Who wants to fiddle around with points if you don't have to? Plus you'll get easier starting and crisper low end power.

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