TO HELP celebrate the launch of the Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight motorcycle, Harley-Davidson Australia is running an exciting promotional campaign that will engage dealers and Harley-Davidson enthusiasts alike!

Pitting 48 Harley-Davison dealers across sAustralia and New Zealand against each other, this is a never before seen campaign. Each participating dealer will be given a brand new Forty-Eight Harley-Davidson motorcycle to customise in a unique, creative, and innovative way. The public then decide the winner via the Harley-Davidson Judgement Day Promotion website - www.


"For 48 days, the ultimate Harley-

Davidson customs will be built from brand new Sportster Forty-Eights -like a metal blank canvas for the dealers' creativity and individuality to be embraced," said Adrian O'Donoughue, the

Australian and New Zealand Marketing Manager for Harley Davidson.

"Every Harley-Davidson motorcycle and rider has a truly unique personality and with this campaign we intend to embrace this; while having some fun!"

By logging onto the website and voting for your favourite bike you can win some great prizes; including their very own Forty-Eight Motorcycle, a Gibson Guitar, and a Harley-Davidson original leather jacket!

"You can't just win a Harley-Davidson. You have to earn it. And only the truly devout stand a chance,"adds O'Donoughue.

The winner will be announced on December 11. Check out the pics of some of the entries. ■


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