British Prospects

"I would've said this time last year that I didn't see any obvious potential. You've got people like Scott Elderfield that have got a lot of ability and just need that one break. I think it's just that one race for him and he'll be away as the next GP star for our country. Luke Hawkins is applying himself well and has come on strong, I'm impressed with him. It's good to see.

'Then onto the schoolboys there are some riders that have it but it's difficult for them because I think the support within the industry isn't there like it was in my youth. I applaud the MCF for bringing the kids into a professional environment with the Red Bull Pro Nationals, I think that will help. When I was their age there were apprenticeships and deals and if you did well you progressed and it wasn't all about throwing loads of money at it. Some parents can't afford to do that."

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