Supermini pilot Ben Clark ploughs through the snow

While for the Ironmen it's all about consistency and endurance the riders in the Team classes are able to push harder which means the spectators see some excellent battles raging for the full three hours. The Expert division has Eurotek KTM teamsters Tom Healey and Paul Bolton take the class and overall event win with a combined total of 19 laps. Starting second behind Aaron Edwards, Healey soon puts his team out front and from there it's just a matter of clicking off the laps and staying consistent until the finish.

It's still a close run thing though and after three hours of racing there's less than 49 seconds in it at the end. MPS Husqvarna's Jack Rowlands and Joe Deakin push hard through the snow for the full duration with Rowlands setting the fastest lap of the day with a scorching 8:38.8 - some 10 seconds faster than Bolton and Healey's best - but sometimes raw speed is just not enough.

The Clubman Team class is the hardest fought of the lot with all three podium finishing teams crossing the line within 30 seconds of each other. It's the South Yorkshire pairing of Declan Helliwell and Reese Emson who take victory in the end by a mere 1.4 seconds ahead of late entries Phil Hancock and James Craft. Amazingly close throughout the event, even the

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