have to give yourself time and then build your confidence back up.

"I had a lot of time to get back to ready. I came in

'I'd never be able to do that stuff' - it's how it is, then you get strong and get better and everything comes back so quick. Even when I first started riding a few weeks ago I

swinging - very confident - and even though I hadn't ridden was thinking 'damn, I've got some work to do, I'm not with many guys I knew where I was and I knew that I was feeling so hot right now' but the next day and the next day going to be fast just from how I felt. I felt like I had never go by and all of a sudden everything starts coming back." felt before on a bike and I knew the bike well and our bike was working well. I knew I put in the effort, just doing my DBR: It can't make it easier that you're switching to a motos and stuff, so you get confidence from that. Then I completely new bike when you come back...

came into Hangtown and it went really good. I could've won TS: "I don't know. I'm really happy with where I am now on the first race but I settled for second because I didn't want to be greedy in the first national moto of the year.

the bike. I have good people around me and that also helps knowing you have the right people around you."

Tommy's back on a Kawasaki and, once the SX season is finished, will be back in Europe racing the GPs

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