DBR: What do you expect for yourself? I saw you at the test track and you looked good - legitimately good. How much more comfortable do you feel? How much of a difference do you feel from last year doing supercross?

TS: "I think again it's the whole confidence thing. I wasn't great at supercross last year and it didn't go the way I wanted but I rode it and I trained it and I spent plenty of hours at the test track riding SX so that did help. Right now I'm just lacking a bit of bike time but when I go on the supercross track I feel comfortable instead of being a little scared in some sections. Now I have that confidence to just do it and do it to the best of my ability."

DBR: It's just like when you're a kid. When you're trying to learn motocross for the first time, if you have people around you who are instructing you and steering you in the right direction then you're going to come along a lot quicker. It's just common sense..

TS: "That's true. That was kind of not the case with me because my dad didn't race bikes and my brother didn't race bikes. We kind of did it as a family and none of us had a clue what we were doing. We just went to the races each weekend and went from there so we kind of got lucky"

DBR: To round it out, what are your expectations for supercross? You've been there, you've seen it, so you've got to know more what to expect this year. What do you expect from yourself? TS: "I expect to be fighting for race wins. That's where I'm going to put the effort in to be and that's where I want to see myself. I don't expect to be riding around below the top five, you know? If the riding and training goes well and the build up to that I'll be on the podium I'm sure."

DBR: It seems like American supercross has a reputation in Europe for hurting your riders. But if you get with a good team and if you're a great motocross rider you should be able to do it don't you think?

TS: "That's true. It's just riding the bike on a different sort of ground. There is also a lot to learn but like you say that learning curve is a lot

DBR: That's interesting because it seems like the majority of racers nowadays, their dad or somebody raced. Like the guys at your level, it seems like almost everybody had a family member that raced previously.

TS: "I know, normally someone has raced but in my case it was different."

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