two leading team's best times are also less than half-a-second apart. Scott Altass and Luke Gorse finish a further 25 seconds back to take the final podium position ahead of Broke FMX's Sam Turner and stand-in rider for the MIA John Pearson, David Wood.

A slip up in the entries process sees Ryan Burton and Carlton Husband put into the Sportsman class when perhaps they should have been classified as Clubmen or probably even Experts. The end result is that the speedy North Easterners dominate the Sportsman class and end up winning by a full lap with more tours completed than even the Clubman class winners - d'oh! Carlton's dad Alan sums up the situation perfectly. "They entered into the wrong class by mistake - Carlton and Ryan are okay at riding their bikes but they're not the brightest peas in the pod..."

Credited as finishing second overall on the day but perhaps the genuine winners of the Sportsman class are Stuart Waterhouse and Vinnie Mullan who battle through the snow from Last of the Summer Wine country to finish with a very respectable total of 17 laps which is the exact same total as the third placed team of Gary Morley and Paul Sykes who also hail from the Holmfirth area - they obviously build 'em tough up there! I

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