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Custom Cycle $220

The 49mm Fork Truss was made to improve frontend handling due to its compound arc that sweeps upward and rearward, which imparts greater resistance to deflection, twisting, and bending of the fork. Also, with the addition of the large diameter holes that have been spaced out to a maximum strength calculation, this helps minimize unsprung weight. Custom Cycle Engineering (800) 472-9253

861 HOT BIKE Volume 41, No. 12 2009 &

■inq Fork Trusse

. Three-Band Grips

Constructed from billet aluminum with three soft rubber inserts, these new grips from Drag Specialties measure approximately 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Made for '82-09 Harley-Davidson models with dual throttle cables. Drag Specialties |

Do you like the actual process of washing your bike or car but hate having to dry it afterward? The Eagle One Easi Dri Wash takes the last step out of the equation. It's been developed with new sheeting action technology and a proprietary polymer that sheets the water off the outer surfaces as well as those hard to reach spots. Eagle One (800) 432-4531 |

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