6. Here's a look at the stock axle on a '09 Street Glide. It serves its purpose; however, it's kind of clunky looking with the ends of the axle sticking out on either side of the fork legs. Plus the stock lower pinch bolts setup on the right side won't help you win any awards at the local bike night.

4. If you own a newer bike and have changed out your pipes, you've probably noticed that those 02 sensors are pretty ugly.

82 r'HpT BlKEVoLume Vnq. i2^009

7. The Drag Specialties Flush Mount Axle fits '08 and later FLH and FLT models. The left side of the axle is threaded and has a threaded cap, while the right side has a hex head bolt end to tighten down the axle and a cap that slips over it. The axle and Bullet Caps are sold separately, so if you wanted to save some money you could just run the flush axle and it'll still look better than stock.

9. .you could add the Bullet Axle Caps. Just like the 02 and Neutral Switch Cover, the axle covers slide over the axles and bolt onto the fork legs with Allen head set screws. We like the Bullet Covers because they hide the pinch bolts on the right side and really give the lower legs a much more finished look. They would look especially well against a set of chrome legs. In less than 10 minutes and for less than $350 we added a little bit of shine to our bike and made a couple of ugly parts a little easier on the eyes.

SOURCE: Drag Specialties

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