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I want to point out and ask that the words "bolt-on" be banned from all instruction manuals. After years of doing installs for this magazine I finally have to say stop with the words "bolt-on" parts. I just can't take it anymore and last week was the last straw. We were given a tech story to do with some "bolt-on" parts, a frontend swap and rear brake setup. We went ahead and set up the install with a well-known and qualified shop, found a bike (year and model) that fit the needs of the part, and we were ready to go, things seemed easy. We were told that it bolts right on, "this is easy, anyone can do this in their home garage" it read, only to find out that as we were reading over the instructions, things weren't that "simple" First of all when you read, "some machining is necessary for fitment" the words "bolt-on" should be removed. We were also led to believe that this was something that could be done in one day, not six days. What happened was, to get things to fit and work we needed to have spacers custom made and some parts needed to be machined down for clearance, then parts needed to get painted to match, and finally re-installed for the fourth time. I would like to tell you that each month in every issue there are issues, most are small and can be fixed. But, I just feel as a customer in this industry just like you the reader-thinking about that new shiny part for my bike and it says "bolt-on" part, then it should be just that. Maybe companies need to think about it more like this, if I can install the part with basic tools that I carry in my tool pouch on my bike, and then they could call it a "bolt on." Not everyone

I ride with carries a grinder, hacksaw, spacers, a welder, a soldering gun, and a vise with them on their bikes, maybe some of the baggers can I haven't seen it. So the next time you see the words "bolt-on" read through everything first to make sure you have everything needed for the install before you start, then if things don't go as planned give the manufacturers a call and rip into them a bit, maybe they will start to really make the product truly "bolt-on"

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