hat is it about being the first one on the block to get the new toy, like the latest and greatest cell phone or iPod, the "new" whatever it is? This is the excitement the staff at HOT BIKE feels when the new Harley-David-son Custom Vehicles Operation (CVO) models are released and we get the first run at them. This year marks 11 years of CVO model releases, and Harley has unleashed four new better-than-ever CVO bikes for us to test ride and review.

If you are not familiar with CVO bikes and what makes them different over standard OE Harleys, the differences are that H-D designs and builds limited production, factory-custom motorcycles for customers who appreciate brilliant chrome, exquisite paint, thundering power, and the exclusivity of owning and riding a special motorcycle. Each 2010 CVO model is powered by the fuel-injected Screamin' Eagle Twin Cam 110ci V-Twin, the largest-displacement engine produced by Harley-Davidson. This engine is only available from the factory in CVO models. The CVO bikes are customized using existing, as well as all-new exclusive to CVO models components from the Harley-Davidson

Genuine parts catalog, and are often used to introduce new custom components and techniques before they are offered as individual accessories. The bikes are backed by a two-year, unlimited-mileage warranty

This year we were flown out to Half Moon Bay, California, to the Ritz-Carlton where the comfort of the big fluffy bathrobes and the 10 oversized soft pillows per bed felt as good as the new seats on the CVOs. This was a great place to start our trip and we looked forward to the opportunity of riding along the central California coastline. The coolest part of the trip was riding the CVO models

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