m things down, they'll only get quicker again eventually, it's been happening in Formula One for decades. Even by the turn of the century, Fl's rule masters had lopped a theoretical eighteen seconds off an Fl lap-time, simply through banning inventive (and expensive) solutions. But every year it got faster than the one before, and so it goes on.

So if we all know this, how come Dorna didn't seem to? On the face of it, it does look like a knee-jerk reaction, but there was an awful lot of wrangling and agonising going-on behind the scenes, before the 800*s were announced. Word is that there was only really one manufacturer that wanted the move to 800s. Can you guess who it is yet? That's right, by lopping a cylinder off the RC211V, Honda had their 800 engine ready to go. Convenient tor them, and they're the heroes because they held their breath until everyone agreed on a Health and Safety friendly lower capacity. True, the reality bit them hard on the arse, as the RC212V was a pile of soiled pants, still not entirely clean three years later. But

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