Dakine Tundra

The Tundra is very similar in design and size to the Gore Tool Plus, with comparable windproof qualities and good dexterity on the bars. However, where the Gore felt like it had layers sliding over one another, the Dakine proved to be much more stable. Twisting, pulling and gear changing didn't shift the lining and even fiddly jobs were surprisingly easy considering the bulky nature of the fingers. It was universally liked by every tester and even on cold (2°C) showery rides, no one reported getting chilly digits. The huge, soft nose wipe was much appreciated too.

A simple design with no closures, little in the way of ^^ unnecessary stitching, and only just enough padding on the heel of your hand for comfort sealed the deal ■ — this is one of the best winter gloves here.

Sizes: XS-XL Weight 118g Windproof


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