Way To Go

1. START. (OS182/ST476587) Car park, bottom of Burrington Combe

Turn Rout of the car park and then take first L (Link Lane). Now climb steeply up and out onto open ground. Bear R to edge along the foot of the moorland and go through a gate before dropping on a rocky track that leads to two junctions on the L. Take the second, down a ramp, and now follow this for 2km, keeping R at any forks, until you reach the car park. Continue through this and out to the A38, where you go SA onto a narrow BW. Climb then drop to a T-junction and bear L to climb then drop back to the A38 at Star.

2. (ST439583) A38, Star. Distance so far: 6.2km

Turn R onto the road and follow it for 3km to a set of lights, where you turn R into Winscombe. Drop into the village and as the road bends hard R, bear L into the Lynch. Follow this around to the R and stay with it now to the end, where you turn L and then R. Now follow this lane for round 3.5km and then, as you get near to the motorway, keep your eyes R for a narrow path that leads up a grassy bank to a gate. Go through and bear R to follow this along before turning hard L to climb steeply onto the ridge to the east of Crook Peak. Turn L when you reach the ridge top, with the summit behind you and cruise down into the dip beneath Wavering Down. Climb to the summit, keeping to the L.

3. (ST407559) Wavering Down. Distance so far: 15.5km

Keep SA to descend into wood and continue SA to a gate and wall by a small play area. Turn R here and then keep R at two forks to follow BW signs. The track drops before meeting the road. Turn L onto this and keep SA at the junction with the A38. Continue to the one-way section at Axbridge and bear R into Axbridge village. Continue through the village and out the other side and turn R to rejoin the A371. Now follow this for 1km to roundabout by a service station. Bear L and then R (Cheddar) and then fork L into Venns Gate. Continue for another 1 km to a track on the L (waymark around 50m up the trail).

4. (ST457541) Track junction, Venns Gate. Distance so far: 22.6km

Continue up to a gate but don't go through, bear L and then R to follow the main track to the woods. Climb to the road at the top and keep ahead to ride past the raceway to a sharp RH bend, with Tynings Farm ahead. Ride up to the farm buildings and then turn L to follow a broad track between them and follow this into a wood (BW Shipham). Keep SA at a X-roads to continue for another 600m to a waymarked BW on the L. Drop to the valley floor and continue with the stream to your L. Keep ahead on a red-coloured gravely ramp (BW Black Down), and climb steeply to cross two forest tracks. At a five-way junction, bear slightly R (third exit) to continue up on a broad forest track and at the top, where it bends sharp R. keep SA to a gate that leads onto open moorland.

5. (ST568474) Edge of Black Down. Distance so far: 28.7km

Keep SA on a muddy track that climbs to a junction with another major track. Turn L onto this to the trig point and turn half R, onto a peaty trail, to drop to a gate at the edge of the moorland. Bear L here and descend to the junction of tracks, where you bear R to a gate. Go through and drop to the road, where you turn L and then R up a stony ramp at the end of the car park. This becomes a grassy track that crosses Burrington Ham. Ignore forks R and L, staying on the main track that then drops steeply beside a wood. Look out for a well-hidden junction — if you start to climb you've missed it — and turn R through the wood to a gate. Turn L onto the road and follow this back to the start.


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