Lost Lake

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Long hours, sore feet, bad air. Must be bike show season

Way of Life!

Specifications, product features and colours are subject to change without notice. PDI, flight and administration fees apply. POi charges from $220 to $528 and freight charges from $160 to $208 are extra dependent on model. Read your owners manual carefully and always wear a helmet and protective gear when operating your Suzuki motorcycle and remember to observe all safety regulations. Be responsible, take a rider training course and always respect the environment. See your participating Authorized Suzuki dealer for complete details. Suzuki. Way af Life.

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22 Honda CBR250R

Michael Uhlarik is very critical of motorcycle design - after all, that's what he does - but he has a teenager's enthusiasm for Honda's new 250.

28 KTM 125 Duke

Scoop Cathcart rides KTM's India-built 125. It's not on its way to Canada, but we've heard that said about many machines that ultimately found their way here.

30 40th Anniversary Feature

Former editor Costa Mouzouris is this month's subject. Read about a good guy put in a very tough spot after the departure of an icon.

34 Heart of Darkness

There is an old adage that the more miserable a trip is, the better the story will be. This was a very bad trip. It is a very good story.

46 Kawasaki Vaquero

Kawasaki held the press launch for the Vaquero cruiser at a Texas gun shop just before the Arizona shootings; good bike, bad timing.

50 Endless Weekend

Photographer Bill Petro prowled December's Toronto motorcycle show seeking to tell the hidden truth about spending a weekend locked in a basement.

58 Husky Enduro/Motocross

Chris Pomeroy rode three bikes in one day and managed to keep his thoughts straight. He's ahead of the rest of us.

62 Off-Road Buyer's Guide

If we endlessly thank buyer's guide compiler Mel Gantly, we'll guilt him into doing them for as long as we're around. We hope. Oh, do we hope.


6 Editorial

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