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2011 Star Stryker I story and photography by kit palmer

Honda might have struck first with the Fury, but Star Motorcycles, a subsidiary of Yamaha, has certainly struck back with the Stryker - its entry into what could be the onslaught of an all-out war for supremacy when it comes to metric cruiser-styled choppers, a new segment of cruisers that seems to be taking root.

While the skin-and-bones Fury has a more hard-core chopper appearance, the muscular Stryker takes on a more conventional approach in that it still looks closer to a traditional big-bore cruiser than it does a full-fledged chopper. And that's despite the Stryker having a more stretched-out rake than the Fury, thanks to its 40-degree fork angle.

Unlike the new-from-the-ground-up Fury, the Star Stryker has close ties to an existing model - the Star Raider, but there are significant differences. Compared to the Raider, the Stryker has an all-new steel frame, a smaller 1304cc-displacement motor, and is water rather than air-cooled (don't let the fake cylinder fins fool you). And, of course, the Stryker has a severely raked-out front end - its most distinguishing feature.

The Stryker is a big motorcycle. It weighs more than 645 pounds, is over eight feet long and has 68.9 inches of wheelbase (which is about two inches shorter than the Fury). But it doesn't feel so big once you climb on board and ride away. A super-low

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